Jay Leno Comes Out Of Retirement To ROAST Donald Trump & It Was AWESOME (VIDEO)


Jay Leno, a well-known American comedian, believes he has figured out why Trump prances around with such arrogance and a sense of entitlement. The narcissistic egomaniac continuously proves himself to be a self-righteous dimwit who has no empathy, morals, or conscience. Leno’s diagnosis states that Trump is lacking from a good ol’ pounding and needs to get some sense knocked into him.

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Leno explained:

‘I don’t think anybody has just ever beaten the crap out of him, so he has this attitude of “whatever.” When you have the crap beat out of you, you learn how to negotiate, you learn how to deal with people, You learn that kindness is the greatest virtue you can have.’

According to this diagnosis, Donald Trump simply needs to be taken out of camera view and get knocked around. This jostling of the brain may be beneficial in helping Trump realize that being a genuinely nice person and caring about others will get him a lot farther than continuing on his path of complete and utter lunacy.

Leno continues on and starts to explain Trump’s actions by saying:

‘When you are poor it’s easy to be kind. When you are rich and famous, it’s not that it’s hard to be kind, but it’s harder because people suddenly start catering to your eccentricities or whatever it might be.’

Leno’s observation from both perspectives gives reason to believe his diagnosis may be true and Donald Trump may simply need to be roughed up and get some sense knocked into him. Though Leno understands the rich person’s perspective, he also notes that just because someone has money and has never been told no or had to do it on their own, it does not mean they have the right to treat everyone around them poorly. Leno takes the opportunity to quickly shut down any chance of Trump not being in the wrong by saying:

‘I know people that say “Shut the f—ing door’”and I know people who say “Is it cold in here?” If you say “Is it cold in here?” someone will shut the door for you, and you haven’t annoyed anybody or pissed anybody off. And that’s my attitude about life, just trying to be kind.’

While Trump is the type of person to scream about shutting the door, Leno pushes the idea that if Trump were to be stood up to and take a few punches, he might quickly learn how to be a decent human being.

This is not the first time Leno has publicly announced his distaste for Trump, Watch the video below for another segment of Leno slamming the Republican nominee.

Video courtesy of Opie Radio via YouTube

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license