JUST IN: Campaign Speech Turns Crazy When Person Walks On Stage & Trolls Trump HARD (VIDEO)


Donald Trump decided that his visit on Wednesday to a black church in Flint, Michigan, could double as a campaign rally. Rev. Faith Green Timmons, pastor of the Bethel United Methodist Church where Trump was speaking, interrupted his speech to ask him to stop with the political campaigning when Trump attacked Hillary Clinton.

The Detroit News described the moment as a “tiff.”

‘Speaking to a crowd of about 70 people invited to hear the New York businessman inside Bethel United Methodist Church, Trump attempted to tie Flint’s long economic decline to trade deals supported by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton.’

It seems the GOP candidate was in the middle of his spiel on what an awful secretary of state and all-around human being Hillary Clinton is when the pastor decided to step in.

‘[Hillary] failed on foreign policy, everything she touched didn’t work out — nothing. Now Hillary Clinton…’

The pastor then took the stage back from Trump, saying:

‘Mr. Trump I invited you here to thank us…not to give a political speech.’

Trump, in a moment of pure dumbfounded awkwardness, acknowledged the pastor but didn’t apologize for the error.

‘Oh, oh, oh, oK.’

The attacks on Clinton stopped, but the political campaigning did not. Trump predicted the city’s circumstances would improve, but only under better leadership that “knows what they’re doing.” He also decried the declining auto industry in Michigan, forgetting that it might not exist at all without the quick and brilliant intervention by our current Democratic president, and blamed who outsource their work to places like Mexico.

His rhetoric on Mexico didn’t end there, either. Trump attempted a horribly cruel joke, which couldn’t have sat well with his intended audience.

‘It used to be cars were made in Flint, and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. Now the cars are made in Mexico, and you can’t drink the water in Flint. That’s not good.’

The current GOP nominee for president thinks that the water crisis in Flint, Michigan, which is causing thousands of children to suffer neurological disorders and other illnesses, is “not good.” He also thought his audience, who are currently living that nightmare, would laugh at his joke.

They didn’t.

To see Donald Trump in his moment of utter embarrassment, check out video below:


Featured image screengrab via YouTube