JUST IN: Electoral College Prediction Map RARELY Wrong Released, Results Show BIG Recent Surge


A new electoral college map from Talking Points Memo was released on Wednesday, showing a tight race in a number of battleground states.

Recent polls have shown a narrowing gap, particularly in battleground states, between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump. With only a few points between the two major party candidates in national polls, the scoreboard map still shows a lead for Clinton by 65 electoral votes. However, neither candidate has enough votes to win.

According to Talking Points Memo (TPM), both Clinton and Trump have improved their numbers with voters, which shows that more American voters have come to a decision on which candidate to choose come Nov. 8.

In new calculations and a new electoral college map released on Wednesday, the political tracking site shows Clinton at 44.9 percent of the vote, up from 44.8 percent on Sept. 7. Donald Trump’s numbers have held steady, at 42.3 percent, over recent weeks, but are much improved since mid-August when they were at 39 percent.

The TPM map, based on the most recent polls, shows Hillary Clinton with 254 electoral votes, just 16 votes shy of a White House victory. Donald Trump currently sits with 189 electoral votes and would need 81 more votes to win. In the tossup category is a remaining 95 electoral votes that could go to either candidate.

The struggle comes down to a handful of fierce battleground states. Seven states are listed as a “tossup”: Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, and Florida.

The tightest battle is in Florida, with Donald Trump holding a 0.5 percent lead over the Democrat as of Sept. 14. The remaining swing states hold a 1-2 point lead for either candidate.

Nationwide, the candidate support spread is 2.6 percent.

TPM-Map JUST IN: Electoral College Prediction Map RARELY Wrong Released, Results Show BIG Recent Surge Donald Trump Election 2016 Hillary Clinton Politics
Courtesy of Talking Points Memo

States not under contention which will clearly support Hillary Clinton contribute 168 electoral votes, setting the Democratic nominee solidly with over half the 270 votes needed to win. These include many of the left-leaning West Coast states, Hawaii, New England, and Eastern Seaboard states.

Donald Trump strongholds provide 118 electoral votes, only 43 percent of the total required for him to move into the White House in 2017. Traditional red states, including many Southern and Midwest states, seem to be a shoe-in for the Republican.

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