JUST IN: Ivanka Trump Abruptly & Angrily STORMS Out of Cosmopolitan Interview (VIDEO)


It’s no secret that Donald Trump has a problem with women voters. So it’s no surprise that he is trying to reach out to them, and his daughter Ivanka is a key ally in this. Together, they recently unveiled his new plan for childcare and maternity leave. As part of plan’s promotion, Ivanka Trump recently sat down for an interview with Cosmopolitan. It didn’t go well.

The interview went all right until the the interviewer, 

‘This is a giant leap from where we are today, which is sadly, nothing. Both sides of the aisle have been unable to agree on this issue, so I think this takes huge advancement and obviously, for same-sex couples as well, there’s tremendous benefit here to enabling the mother to recover after childbirth. It’s critical for the health of the mother. It’s critical for bonding with the child, and that was a top focus of this plan.’

Gupta then tried to get clarification on how the plan would affect same-sex couples where both parents were men. In response, Trump basically told her and the magazine’s readers to go look it up online.

‘The policy is fleshed out online, so you can go see all the elements of it. But the original intention of the plan is to help mothers in recovery in the immediate aftermath of childbirth.’

Things got even more heated when Gupta asked for clarifications regarding statements Ivanka’s father has made in the past regarding pregnancy being “inconvenient’ for business. Instead of addressing the issue, Trump accused Gupta of being “negative.”

‘So I think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions, and I think my father has put forth a very comprehensive and really revolutionary plan to deal with a lot of issues. So I don’t know how useful it is to spend too much time with you on this if you’re going to make a comment like that. My father obviously has a track record of decades of employing women at every level of his company, and supporting women, and supporting them in their professional capacity, and enabling them to thrive outside of the office and within. To imply otherwise is an unfair characterization of his track record and his support of professional women…’

Gupta did apologize if she came across as negative, but pointed out she was merely following up on comments that the GOP nominee had made. Trump said that she wasn’t aware that her father ever made those comments and refused to discuss them even after Gupta cited a 2004 interview with NBC.

When Gupta asked how Trump’s father planned to pay for this plan she abruptly cut the interview short after noting that her father would reveal his full tax plan on Thursday.

For the record, Trump did call pregnancy an inconvenience. You can see the video below:

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