Michelle Obama Hosted The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’, Makes BIG Family Announcement (VIDEO)


First Lady Michelle Obama, 52, was the first ever co-host on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Monday. It was clear her true first role is that of being a mother to daughters Malia, 18, and Sasha, 15. When the host/comedian asked her about her daughters, POTUS said that she was “proud.”

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Sacha, Malia, And Michelle Obama, Starkiddo.

Malia will take a gap year before heading off to Harvard. The family has already found a home in Washington, D.C., so Sasha can finish high school before they move away. Mrs. Obama said leaving the home they grew up in while their dad was president will be hard:

‘It’s really the people. Think about it. The girls have grown up in the White House. I mean, the staff that’s there — we see them every day. These are people who have helped us raise our kids. They’ve loved us. They’ve taken care of us. The minute we leave, that’s it.’

FLOTUS said there are limitations, if the daughters want to return as tourists or even invited as a guest:

‘I’m sure the girls will have a tough time. They think they’re ready, but when you’ve grown up in a place … I mean, imagine. They won’t be able to knock on a door and say, “Can I see my room?” That’s not gonna happen.’

As she always does, DeGeneres danced Michelle Obama right onto the show and through the aisles, to the delight of the excited audience members. There was no disputing it, the president’s wife is the real dancer in that family. But President Obama tries.

Then, DeGeneres asked how the First Daughters were getting the most of these dwindling days living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. As a mom, Mrs. Obama shared with the audience her insight into what family life is like in the White House.

FLOTUS said she encourages the two girls to take time to remember the “special moments and  places” at the White House before their dad’s term is up:

‘We’re trying to have them step back and really appreciate the walk on the south lawn, sitting on the Truman balcony… we just want to keep creating some memories for them.’

In the interview, Mrs. Obama commented on how proud she is of the way her daughters have turned out. Then she helped interview Stephen Curry.

DeGeneres complimented Mrs. Obama on the great job she has done raising Malia and Sasha, The comedian noted how much the girls live in a glass bubble, always on display to the whole world:

‘It’s hard enough to raise children, period, but to raise children in front of everyone and in the White House — you’ve done an amazing job.’

A clip showed DeGeneres having a load of fun taking the First Lady to a pharmacy.

The president’s wife left a powerful career of her own, and her speech at the Democratic National Convention in July was considered one of the top three in recent memory. She sounds like a wonderful mother:

‘I’m proud of them. They’ve really managed this so well. I mean, I just love them to death and the big thing I’ve always worried about was making sure that they got out of this whole. I’m just proud that they are poised, smart, intelligent young women.’

A good time was had by all. Check out this part of the Ellen DeGeneres Show below:

Feature Image: The Obama Family by Pete Souza, White House.

H/T: The Ellen Show’s Twitter page, and First Lady’s Twitter page.