Small Business Owners Screwed Over By Trump Go On CNN & THOROUGHLY Destroy Him (VIDEO)


For his entire campaign, Donald Trump has gone on and on about what a successful businessman he is. He has been known to brag about the billions and billions of dollars he’s made in his life and most of his supporters back him because of that. What they don’t know is the full truth behind what he did to make those billions and who he hurt in the process.

Three separate business owners went on CNN, each telling a heartbreaking story about their encounters with Trump and his shady business tactics.

Beth Rosser and her brother Steven Jenkins, second generation owners of Triad Building Specialties, spoke about how excited they all were to land the contract at Trump’s then Taj Mahal Casino. It was the biggest one they’d ever landed, at over $200,000. Once the work was done, they quickly realized they weren’t going to be paid. They filed a suit in court for $231,000 but were stiffed when Trump filed bankruptcy a few years later. They only received $70,000 of their claim.

Steven Jenkins became quite emotional, even choking up, when he spoke about the damage Trump did to their company. He spoke about how his father struggled to keep the business afloat afterward.

‘He was distraught. You know, he’s watching something that he built his whole life start to slip through his fingers.’

Their father had to take out a large personal loan from a friend to keep from filing bankruptcy.

Another man stiffed by Trump was costume jewelry salesman Nat Hymen, who ran a kiosk in Trump Towers had this to say about Trump:

‘I respect a lot about him. I think he has the capacity to take the very complicated and simplify it — which I think is one of the hallmarks of a good CEO…On the other hand I think that he is vindictive, nasty and think that his words have no repercussions’

Hymen spent years in legal battles with Trump after he tried to expand his small business into Trump’s casinos. Donald Trump claimed Hymen made shoddy jewelry and tried to get Hymen to vacate his spot in the towers. After millions of dollars and years of legal battles, he finally ended his contract and moved on, continuing his success elsewhere.

Another pawn in Trump’s shady business dealings was the late Edward Freil, whose son Paul spoke for him in the interview. He claimed their company was forced into bankruptcy when Trump blackballed them after one contract. Freil said his company was very reputable before Trump came along and his father was heartbroken after they dealt with him.

‘I think it surprised him the most that Donald Trump had blackballed him. Even though we had an excellent name in Atlantic City…That he had the ability to tell people “You don’t want this company to work for you.”‘

Freil says he is going to honor his father’s memory by letting the world know how shady Trump really is.

The interviews can be seen here:

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube