Top Global Economist Issues Dire Warning To Americans About A Trump Presidency (WARNING)


Donald Trump’s got a child care plan. There’s just one problem. As top economist Austan Goolsbee points out, it’s “full of holes” and “absolutely makes no sense.”

Donald Trump unveiled his child care plan Tuesday night at a rally in Aston, Pennsylvania. His campaign felt so desperate to be taken seriously that they closed the event to the public to keep the Trumpkins out.

The totally amazing and incredible features of Donald Daycare include:

  • Tax deductions for child care expenses.
  • Dependent care savings accounts to guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave.
  • Child care rebates through the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).
  • A tax deduction for stay-at-home parents.
  • Tax incentives for businesses to provide onsite daycare.

On Wednesday morning, Ivanka Trump joined Megyn Kelly on Fox’s Kelly File to discuss her father’s child care plan. The would-be first daughter is correct about child care being the biggest expense for many working families. Alas, she’s wrong about her father having any ability to address this issue whatsoever.

Megyn Kelly then opened the discussion to her panelists. Media Matters caught the part where Austan Goolsbee tore Donald Daycare to shreds. He excoriated the Trump-Pence campaign for not bothering to spend “more than ten minutes” working on their child care plan.

“This is a policy which, if you had spent more than ten minutes working on it, you would realize that there were huge holes. But they apparently didn’t spend that.’

For starters, the paid maternity leave part of Trump’s child care plan isn’t even really paid maternity leave.

‘So first, it’s not a maternity leave policy that should be called “paid maternity leave.” It’s not based on what your income was. In many states, the maximum’s going to be over $1,000 a month. And second, who pays for it are the newly unemployed. He’s taking the money out of unemployment insurance and diverting it to the maternity leave. It absolutely makes no sense.’

That’s right, people. Donald Trump’s child care plan would pay for maternity leave out of our unemployment insurance! As if working families don’t already have enough problems making ends meet when they lose their jobs!

Then there’s the fact that tax deductions won’t help people who can’t afford child care in the first place.

Watch: Top economist Austan Goolsbee tears Donald Trump’s child care plan apart on The Kelly file.

Featured image: Joe Mahoney via Getty Images.