After Storming Away From Cosmopolitan Interview, Ivanka Trump Has Twitter Meltdown (IMAGES)


On Wednesday, Ivanka Trump sat down with Cosmopolitan to discuss her father’s new plan for paid maternity leave. Unfortunately for Trump, the interview didn’t go very well and she ended up cutting it short.

The interview was going all right until Prachi Gupta asked for more details on the plan, specifically on why it only applied to married women, thus ruling out single mothers and gay couples. Trump got rather frustrated over this and told the magazine’s readers that the details were online if they wanted to look over the plan themselves.

Gupta then proceeded to ask for clarification regarding comments Trump’s father, Republican nominee Donald Trump, had made regarding pregnancy being an “inconvenience.” It was a this point that Trump ended the interview.

Perhaps she wasn’t happy with the way the interview is being received online or maybe she just wanted to clarify her stance a bit more, but she took to Twitter today to defend herself and called out Cosmopolitan by name.


Trump should certainly be commended for helping to raise awareness of these important issues. However, her stance would be more laudable if it wasn’t also massively hypocritical. She has claimed that  her father’s company provides its employees paid maternity leave, but that is not true. According to the Huffington Post, the Trump Organization’s handbook states they are in compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act, which mandates employers must offer 12 weeks of unpaid parental leave. The organization does not offer paid parental leave to all of its employees.

Furthermore, the manufacturer of Ivanka Trump’s clothing line does not offer any form of paid parental leave. We understand that she doesn’t have total control over her father’s company, but her personal brand is her own business. If paid parental leave is truly a cause she champions, then she could have found a contractor that shared her values.

Having read the entire Cosmopolitan interview, we can say that the focus was exactly where it needed to be. Her father has, in the past, made comments that contradict her stance. The interviewer was merely asking for clarification regarding her father’s change of tone on childcare and women’s issues.

Trump was offered an opportunity bring attention to an important issue that affects thousands of men and women in this country while highlighting the fact that her father could be open to new ideas. Instead, she cut the interview short and then posted a rant on Twitter.

Featured image via Getty Images.