BREAKING: Jimmy Carter Makes Devastatingly Urgent Announcement To America (DETAILS)


Former president Jimmy Carter spoke out about his “embarrassment” over the direction of the presidential race at a Thursday summit of Baptist leaders held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Carter urged the leaders to take action against the fallout from the “reservoir of racism” that had been tapped into by the Donald Trump presidential campaign, according to the Associated Press.

The former Democratic president criticized anyone who would dare remain quiet when seeing racism and discrimination such as is peddled by Donald Trump, saying that such a person thus accepts “discrimination and animosity and hatred and division.”

Trump’s campaign has been defined since day one by pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable or tolerable relations between different races and ethnicities in the United States.

The not-so-presidential candidate for the presidency kicked off his campaign last year by categorically dismissing Mexican immigrants as the “criminals, rapists, and drug dealers” that Mexico “sent” to the United States in order to be rid of.

To correct the “problem” of Mexican immigrants in the United States, Trump has proposed and continues to stand by building a wall across the entire border between the United States and Mexico, coupled with the deportation of the well over 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States, most of whom are from Mexico.

Clinton, for her part, is barely managing to keep the wrecking ball of a Trump campaign away from setting up shop on the White House come next year. To be fair, taking on the passionate and raging white nationalists backing Trump is no easy task for anyone, but it remains to be seen whether or not Clinton can pull it off and win the White House.

With the margin between Clinton and Trump shrinking dramatically, and Trump seeing a striking resurgence thought long dead, the Clinton camp is quickly approaching panic mode as assault after assault on Clinton’s respectability wears down Clinton’s chance of winning the White House.

Yes, most voters are making their choice based on perceptions of respectability, not policy. It has long been established that a surprisingly weighty proportion of Clinton backers are behind the Democrat because she is “not Trump.”

Carter is optimistic, though, saying that he believes that America will come out of this turbulent election having learned a lesson on how to keep these sorts of debacles from happening again.

He told the assembled Baptist leaders:

‘I think there will be a positive reaction after this election. I pray it will come out a certain way, but I think there will be a lot of lessons learned. And I think the average person in America now will be looking at how to do better things, how to have a superb American policy on peace and human rights and other aspects of life. I think we’ll raise our standards as a public and I believe our next president will accommodate that inclination.’

Carter and his family are doing their part towards ushering in the future, which is the subject of the former president’s activism. Carter told those assembled that all 22 members of his family who are registered to vote would vote the same way, jokingly remarking that they had “inherited some gene which caused them to look with favor on… one of the parties.”

Featured Image via Michael Loccisano/ Getty Images.