BREAKING: WaPost Reveals That Trump Takes Prescription Drugs For Medical Issue


Donald Trump did a big reality TV show-type reveal during his taping of The Dr. Oz Show yesterday. Trump acted more as if he were about to reveal the winner of American Idol than a presidential candidate discussing the very serious matter of his physical ability to lead the country.

‘Well, I really have no problem in doing it. I have it right here. Should I do it? I don’t care. Should I do it?’

What else would one expect from a presidential candidate who is famous for hosting a reality television show?

The medical letter was released to the press ahead of the airing of the talk show, and The Washington Post described the letter in detail.

The letter was written by the dubious Dr. Harold Bornstein, a gastroenterologist who also specializes in internal medicine, but is not current in his certification as a doctor of internal medicine, making Trump’s choice to see him as a primary care doctor more than a little odd. Bornstein is the same physician who released a short, misspelled letter of glowing health for Trump back in December, declaring that Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

Trump’s medical letter doesn’t seem to support that statement.

Donald Trump is listed as six feet 3 inches tall and 236 pounds, a weight that sits right on the border between “overweight” and “obese.”

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One can only imagine the criticism the public would heap on the health of a female presidential candidate, or any female public figure, who is at least overweight and on the borderline of obese. For Donald Trump, though, that’s news to crow about. After all, he readily admitted during the taping of The Dr. Oz Show that he wouldn’t be releasing those records if they included any bad news about his health.

As a result of Trump’s weight, he also takes a statin drug to lower his cholesterol and a daily aspirin to protect his heart. Otherwise, his doctor claims that he is in great health. The Washington Post, however, clarified one important point.

‘While the letter released by Trump gives more information on his health and physical makeup than previously known, it does not constitute his medical records nor does it give extensive detail about past health matters.’

Nor will the public ever receive Trump’s medical records. He is, after all, the most secretive and non-transparent presidential candidate in recent history.

For a sneak peek at Trump’s talk show appearance, see the video below:

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