GOP Leader Erases Homophobic, Anti-Jew Facebook Rant, We Got Screenshots First (IMAGES)


Nolan West is a Republican running for office in Minnesota. But after his anti-gay, racist, sexist Facebook posts were discovered, he’s trying his best to backpedal and convince voters that he no longer hates women, homosexuals, and people that aren’t Caucasian.

When a guy is a former GOP aide who has now set his sights on running in Minnesota for a seat in the state House, you’d think he’d have the presence of mind to be aware of the things he has said and done, and left documented proof of. It’s 2016 and, specifically, if you say or do things on the internet, deleting them rarely resolves the problem. This is where Nolan West went totally wrong and probably effectively ruined any chance in making it to the state House.

The Star Tribune, in Minneapolis, discovered and reported on Nolan West’s racist, homophobic, sexist rants and decided to publish a story about them. West, in a scramble to save himself, started deleting all the offensive Facebook posts, clear back to 2008.

In 2008, his most offensive Facebook post was just after President Obama had been elected and read, “IT’S LYNCHING TIME.” But who knows, perhaps this guy is like Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump — what he says might seem racist but with the right kind of eyes and understanding, it probably wasn’t intended to be blatantly racist. (That was sarcasm.) West also proclaimed his love for the Confederate flag more than once and expressed that he had nothing but disdain for former President Abraham Lincoln. So, if you didn’t think he was racist against black people, now you know the truth.

There were also posts that virtually anyone would find offensive, hate expressed for women and homosexuals alike. But West decided to put on his politician pants in the wake of this story breaking and wrote in an email to the Star Tribune:

‘I apologize for posting insensitive material. I’ve taken those posts down because they do not reflect who I am or what I believe.’


One does not simply express their sorrow once they’re “caught” and expect their well-preserved (until earlier this week) history to disappear. It’s obvious that’s what Nolan West is hoping for though, by not dropping out of the race.

More Facebook posts, screencapped before the posts were deleted by West, were shared on Twitter:

Republican Nolan West is running against Susan Witt in District 37B. Let’s hope Susan Witt wins by a landslide.

Featured Image via Twitter