JUST IN: Clinton Campaign Releases BRILLIANT New Anti-Trump Attack Ad (VIDEO)


The Trump campaign, as well as the right-wing news pundits, love to paint Hillary Clinton as the most non-transparent candidate in history. Her service as secretary of state, her 40-year-marriage to former President Bill Clinton, even the charity organization she co-founded with her husband to help people all over the world have been scrutinized, debated, and even investigated by the federal government.

“Crooked Hillary,” Donald Trump likes to say, but who is really the more secretive candidate? As news publications and pundits crowed last week over Hillary Clinton’s decision to keep her diagnosis of pneumonia under wraps for two days, many of us sat comparing that decision to the blatant acts by Donald Trump to keep so many details of his life private while competing for the highest office in the land.

The Clinton campaign hit back at Trump on Thursday with a thought-provoking ad about all the things we don’t know about Donald Trump.

  1. Those Tax Returns

Every presidential candidate in modern history, the past 40 years, has released their tax returns. Even vice-presidential candidate do. Releasing them is a show of transparency that allows American voters to understand exactly where the person leading the free world’s financial interests lie. Trump has not, and continuing to refuse to release them hurts Trump’s campaign even more than his racism, sexist, xenophobia, and islamophobia does.

2. Business Ties to Foreign Nations

Newsweek promised a game-changing announcement this week, and did they ever deliver. Trump’s business ties with foreign nations create a complicated conflict of interest for a man who may have to choose between making those who pay him happy and serving the best interests of the American public. Many questions, however, remain unanswered. In countries where current policy conflicts exist in their relations with the United States, how does a wealthy businessman propose to choose America over his own financial interests?

3. His Medical Records

Trump tried to pass off a one-page, misspelled letter from a less-than-credible gasteroenterologist at first, while Hillary Clinton released a small portion of her actual medical records. After Clinton announced publicly that she had been campaign for two days with pneumonia and needed a break to recover, she released even further medical records.

Trump went on The Dr. Oz Show and handed over another letter from the same gasteroenterologist no one trusted the first time.

4. The Trump Foundation and Trump’s Charitable Giving

Florida Attorney General Eric Schneidermann opened an investigation into the Trump Foundation when it was discovered that Trump used donor money from the foundation to contribute to the campaign of Pam Bondi, the Florida attorney general who elected to drop an investigation of Trump University immediately after the donation was made. An investigation could reveal even more pay-for-play schemes used by Trump’s “charitable” foundation, but how many will we never know about?

5. His Policies

Trump has very few written policies he can point to in support of his campaign. He likes to tell supporters that he’s going to “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it,” but he’s never said exactly how that’s going to happen. Other than tax policies that have been largely criticized by economists and his new child care plan, which most analysts say is unworkable, Trump’s policies are still a mystery. His political opponent, on the other hand, details all of her proposed policies which are available on her website.

So which candidate is it who’s secretive, again?

Featured image screengrab via YouTube