JUST IN: Donald Trump Jr. STORMS Out Of Interview After Question On Shady Charity Funds (VIDEO)


In a typical “Trump” move, and one of many this week, Donald Trump Jr., the son of the Republican presidential nominee feigned ignorance when asked about his father’s misuse of charity funds when purchasing a portrait of himself. Immediately, one of his handlers stepped in and put a halt to the interview.

From being a bit too honest with reporters and telling them the real reason Donald Trump didn’t release his tax returns, to making a mind-bogglingly tasteless Holocaust joke in a speech, Donald Trump Jr. has had an interesting week in the press, drawing nearly as much, if not more, disgust as his race-baiting and sexist father.

A reporter from Pittsburgh Action News WTAE stopped The Orange One’s mini-me and questioned him about the misuse of funds from The Donald J. Trump Foundation. Among the many rumors surrounding the use of money donated to the foundation for personal use, including a football signed by Tom Tebow, Donald Trump has been accused of using the foundation’s funds to purchase a six-foot portrait of himself.

According to The Washington Post, Trump spent $20,000 of his charity foundation’s money in 2007 to purchase a portrait of himself during a fundraiser auction for a children’s charity. The IRS prohibits the use of charity funds being used to purchase personal items for nonprofit groups’ managers.

The Orange One’s awful offspring was playing surrogate at a Pittsburgh rally on Wednesday, drawing a small crowd of around 500 enthusiastic supporters and curious onlookers. The visit was meant to coincide with the opening of a new political campaign office in Washington County.

The interview was going well until the television reporter asked Junior about the purchase of the portrait, at which point, he claimed ignorance.

The reporter asked: “You’re a director of the Trump Foundation charity, did you sign off on charity money for a portrait?”

Trump Jr. responded: “No, I don’t know anything about that.”

WTAE pressed the issue: “So how come you didn’t know – ”

At that point, one of Trump Jr.’s handler interrupted: “All right, that’s it – We have to move on to the next one.”

Trump Jr. left with: “I’m not involved in it.”

Junior is the director of Foundation, how could he possibly not be “involved in it”?

The reporter really tried to nail Junior down to issues regarding a wide variety of charges against the misuse of Foundation funds and the impending investigation being launched by Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General for the state of New York. But, Donald Trump Jr. knows when to pretend to be clueless, just like dear, old dad.

You can watch the whole awkward encounter in the video below:

Featured image via screencap