JUST IN: Quinnipiac University Trump Vs Clinton Poll Shows DRAMATIC Recent Surge (STATS)


With election day being just eight weeks away, the newest Quinnipiac University poll ,which was released Wednesday, shows a substantial tightening in the presidential race. With Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leading her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, by just five points nationwide, the two are practically neck and neck.

The poll that was released Wednesday was conducted over the phone between Sept. 8 through 13. It shows that Hillary leads Trump 48 to 43 percent among people likely to vote across the nation, compared to 51 to 41 percent in the Aug. 25 survey.

It was also found in the poll that a majority of both Clinton and Trump voters are not so much choosing their candidate based on what they believe, but mainly because they want to vote against that candidate’s opponent

Thirty-two percent of people are voting for Clinton because of who she is, while 54 percent say they are voting for her mainly to vote against Trump. However, among the people voting for Trump, 23 percent say they actually support his campaign. while 66 percent are voting for him to specifically vote against Hillary.

Voters continue to be divided by racial and gender gaps. Sixty-six percent of non-white voters are for Hillary, while 51 to 41 percent of white voters are for Trump.

Tim Mallory, the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, had this to say of the poll’s findings:

‘It’s the definition of ‘damned by faint praise,’ a presidential contest where a vote for a candidate is less an endorsement of that candidate than a stinging rejection of his or her opponent. Priority one for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the election looms: lure the cynical, disaffected, downright disgusted electorate into their camp. That’s no mean feat as clouds of distrust loom over both campaigns.’

Mallory went on to express his thoughts on what factors he believed played a role in this change. He said that the poll came at a time where Hillary fell ill in New York, and during the period when she said that half of Trump’s supporters were a “basket of deplorables.” The assistant director added that the health of a presidential candidate is important and will always be in question.

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