‘South Park’ Video TRASHING Donald Trump Is INCREDIBLE, Goes Viral In Seconds (VIDEO)


South Park is one of those shows that’s easy to mock. The animation is crude and the humor is sometimes equally so, but underneath the toilet humor there’s often biting satire and social commentary. The season’s 20th premiere was no exception.  For tonight’s episode, they decided to take on Trump, Clinton, and NBC.

Thanks to South Park’s unique animation style, the show is often able to cover current events in a way that traditional cartoons simply cannot. That’s one of the reasons Wednesday’s episode was a success. Such an episode wouldn’t have had any impact a few months after the Matt Lauer forum.

This episode cast Mr. Garrison in the role of Donald Trump, err, we mean Giant Douche, along with his running mate Caitlyn Jenner. In addition to pointing out Jenner’s support of Trump, this also set up an amusing joke about the GOP candidates being completely unprepared for office.

After Lauer’s Commander-In-Chief forum helped Garrison realize he has no idea how to be president, he starts campaign for Clinton. Unfortunately, he discovers that the worse he acts, the more his support grows.

You can check out the video below:

Featured image via screenshot.