BREAKING: Explosion At Mosque Kills At Least 25 People, More Bombs Promised (DETAILS)


It’s been reported that a suicide bomber at a Pakistani mosque has killed at least 25 people and left 34 injured. Jamaat-ul-Ahra, a splinter group of the Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the act of terrorism.

Naveed Akbar, who is an assistant adminstrator for the region, the attack took place at one of the largest mosques in the Mohmand Agency. The Mohmand Agency is one of the country’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas and is located north of Peshawar

Several of those injured in the attack were children. Reports indicate that two children under the age of 10 were killed in the attack and four were injured.

The bomber detonated the explosion inside the crowded main hall of the mosque which held about 150 people. Akbar said that screams could be heard coming from the building and body parts were found scattered. He warned that the death toll was likely to grow over time.

Akbar noted that some of the fatalities were due to the building collapsing, which is part of the reason why he believes the death toll will continue to grow.

‘A portion of the mosque and verandah collapsed in the blast and fell on worshippers. We are still retrieving bodies and the injured from the rubble of the mosque’

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shar released a statement firmly condemning the act of terrorism and vowing to rid the country of Jamaat-ul-Ahra and similar organizations.

‘The cowardly attacks by terrorists cannot shatter the government’s resolve to eliminate terrorism from the country.’

This is far from the first act of terrorism that  Jamaat-ul-Ahra has carried out. In August, they targeted a gathering of lawyers and journalists that left 72 people dead. The group claims that this attack was in response to the tribesmen’s attack on their forces.

One of the tribe’s leaders, Haji Subhanullah Mohmand, confirmed that tribal forces did engage the insurgent forces, killing one and handing another over to the government.

‘It seems to have enraged the militants and they got their revenge by carrying out a suicide attack in a mosque today.’

Pakistan’s tribal regions, which are very conservative and, due to the terrain, isolated, have served as a haven for Al-Qadea and similar extremest groups. In 2014, the Pakistani military launched a campaign to clear out the insurgent groups hiding out in the Tribal Areas. They’ve had some success and the government says that terrorist attacks have declined over the past year. The government said that 128 acts of terrorism had occurred in 2013, but, as of last year, that number had dropped to 74.

Most of the terrorist groups, such as the ones responsible for Friday’s attack, are part of a movement that hopes to overthrow the current government and create an Islamic theocracy. The vast majority of Pakistan’s residents are Muslims, but they follow a less strict interpretation of Islam than the Taliban or similar groups.

In addition to carrying out attacks within Pakistan, some of the groups within the country focus their efforts on Afghanistan on the Kashmir region of India.