Hillary Spoke At A ‘Black Women’s Event’, Conservative Response Was Racist & INSANE (IMAGES)


Hillary Clinton spoke in front of the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium Workshop on Friday in Washington, D.C.

The Democratic presidential nominee reminded the crowd of her political opponent’s racist “birther” movement days, his party’s lack of policy protecting women’s health, and why it’s long past time that women of color not only had “a seat at the table,” but a chance “to run the meeting.”

The hashtag #BlackWomenAgenda was trending on Twitter throughout the morning as a result of the speech. While many simply offered a link to watch the speech live or offered direct quotes from Clinton’s speech throughout, the rest fell into two categories.

First, there were the tweets from the fringe right racist crowd who just spewed vile things or proved that they still just don’t get it when it comes to the issues facing communities of color, and especially women in those communities.

However, that fringe right also bleeds into the mainstream of right-wing thought, and a large group of those people are beginning to intersect with the fringe left, who despises Clinton out of genuine concern over policies she’s supported and statements she’s made in the past for which people of color suffered the consequences.

At times, it becomes difficult to tell the difference between the two groups.

One important point to note, though, is this:

For Clinton’s full speech to the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium Workshop today, see video below:

Featured image screengrab via YouTube