Trump Shamelessly Mocks Accident That Left Harry Reid Blind So Harry Responded IN FORCE (VIDEO)

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, listens during a news conference with a bandaged eye during a news conference following a Senate luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid, is giving Donald Trump a much needed smackdown Friday afternoon when he responded to remarks Trump made about the serious injury Reid sustained in 2015 when an exercise band snapped, and he was thrown into a shelf, crushing the right side of his face, and leaving him blind in one eye.

Reid’s exercise accident, which happened over a year ago, left him with broken ribs and a broken orbital socket. Reid also still uses a cane to this day. So, the idea that Donald Trump would use that in his comeback to Reid is so slimy that it’s comparable to that time he mocked a disabled reporter he didn’t agree with.

Earlier this week, Reid called Trump out for his attacks on running-mate, Hillary Clinton. Reid made this remark about Trump:

“[Trump] is 70 years old, he’s not slim and trim, he brags about eating fast food every day.”

Trump, being the most immature senior citizen in the country, retaliated against Reid’s logic by making fun of the accident that left Reid permanently blind on one side. Trump said this in a weak attempt at being clever:

“Harry Reid? I think he should go back and start working out again with his rubber work-out pieces.”

Reid shot back at Trump, making him look like the petulant child that he really is. Reid said:

“Donald Trump can make fun of the injury that crushed the side of my face and took the sight in my right eye all he wants – I’ve dealt with tougher opponents than him,” Reid said in a statement Friday. “I may not be able to see out of my right eye, but with my good eye, I can see that Trump is a man who inherited his money and spent his entire life pretending like he earned it.”

“In Searchlight [Nevada, where Reid was raised], we learned a thing or two about hard work that Trump may not have learned at his boarding school.”

Check out this video of Reid ripping Trump a new one Thursday on the Senate floor, courtesy of YouTube:

Reid’s entire scathing statement can be seen below:

“Trump rips off working people with scams like Trump University. And while the people he ripped off suffer, Trump sits at the posh resort he bought with his daddy’s money, with no understanding of the misery he caused.”

“Now, Trump’s business interests in foreign countries and his Ponzi-scheme fraud of a ‘charity’ make clear that Trump intends to scam all of America just like he rips off hard-working people.”

“Trump can insult me all he wants but the American people deserve answers to these questions: Why did Trump appear to use his charity to enrich himself and bribe elected officials who were investigating his scams?”

“Why does Trump refuse to cut ties with business interests that would allow him to exploit American foreign policy to enrich himself?”

“What is Trump hiding in his tax returns?”

“If Trump wants to be president, he should be properly vetted. If Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan had the public’s interest at heart, they would lead the Republican Congress to investigate these and other questions with a fraction of the energy and taxpayer money Congressional Republicans used to pursue Huma Abedin’s maternity leave records. But Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan want to leave town for another two months, just a few weeks after returning from the longest summer recess in more than half a century. And the Republican Congress has shown nothing but blind obedience to Trump, going so far as to hold a Supreme Court seat open for six months in the hopes that Trump can fill it.”

“If the Republican Congress refuses to do its job, the media has an even greater responsibility to get answers to these questions.”

“We know how to spot a con artist in Las Vegas.”

“And Donald Trump is a con-artist.”