BREAKING: Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton & Laura Bush Teaming Up For Something AWESOME


In one of the most edgy and controversial election years to date, it’s been nice to see that some people on both sides can still get together, get along, and work in one accord for the greater good. A perfect and interesting example of this is the friendship between former and current first ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama.

This week, the two women came together for an American University conference at the National Archives to speak about the work they have done on behalf of military families. They spoke about the concerns they both share for the families of service members as well as their own families. They also talked about the experiences they share with raising daughters in the White House and what it’s like being presidential spouses.

This conference was the fourth event the two have shared with each other, and while they were on stage, they appeared as good of friends as ever, as pointed out in an article released by The Washington Post.

Michelle Obama had great things to say about Laura Bush.

‘As you all know, I deeply admire and respect Laura. And I think that it’s important to collaborate with people you admire and respect, regardless of party. That’s what makes a democracy work, truly.’

They undoubtedly have a fondness for each other, and Laura Bush reiterated what it meant for the two of them to come together and the type of example it was setting.

‘It’s also a great example for the world to see that women of different political parties in the United States agree on so many issues… When you watch television, you think that everyone in the United States disagrees with everybody else. But in fact, we as Americans agree on so many more things than we disagree on.’

The statements from the current and former first ladies show that there could still be some hope in these troubling times, with people divided on all sides about so many issues.

Although the Bush and Obama families have shown their fondness for each other, it’s pretty interesting that the Bush family has been so quiet about the presidential race this year. Although Jeb Bush dropped out of the race for president, the former first family has declined to make any endorsement for Donald Trump. Their silence speaks volumes in the fact that they probably want nothing to do with the drama and scandal that he brings to the election.

The bond that the former and current first ladies share is a great example for Americans to see. Hopefully we can keep the tradition alive, and classy women will continue to be represented in our first families from now on.

Featured Image: Getty Images