BREAKING: Residents Panic After Massive Explosion Rocks Manhattan (VIDEO)


A massive explosion has rocked 23rd Street in Manhattan between Sixth and Seventh Avenues according to RT News.

The source for the blast has been identified as an “improvised explosive device,” or IED, with the FBI, the New York Police Department’s counterterrorism unit and the New York City Fire Department all on the scene.

The IED was reportedly located in a dumpster, and the force of the blast blew out the windows of passing cars. Images of the damaged vehicles are below, via Twitter. As the text accompanying the tweet notes, an 8 year old child was injured in one of the vehicles.

Late Saturday night saw authorities recover a second “device” from the area that was not detonated.

The initial reported number of victims was 14 before that number rose to 25 at last public report. No detailed word has been given as to the victims’ respective conditions, and they have not been identified.

New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio said late Saturday that the blast was “intentional” but there was no evidence yet connecting it to terrorism.

Curiously, earlier Saturday, a pipe bomb went off at the site of a New Jersey Marine Corps sponsored footrace. After the New Jersey device detonated, wired connections to two other nearby devices were discovered. The FBI is investigating the New Jersey incident, with no word yet as to suspects.

The area affected by Saturday night’s New York blast appears to be a low income housing area.

An eyewitness identified as Danilo Gabrielli captured video of the immediate aftermath, which is featured below via Twitter. Caption accompanying the video reads “I have [no] idea what just happened. A huge explosion next to my building in… #NYC.”

Gabrielli captured a second piece footage from street level at the site of the blast, footage which is featured below.

Other eyewitnesses captured photographs looking down on the affected street. Those photos are featured below via Twitter.

RT News reports that “emergency scanner audio indicates that the incident is being treated as a ‘major emergency.'”