BREAKING: US Military Engages In Violent Clash In Syria, 64 Soldiers Reported Killed (DETAILS)


Reports from Syria state that U.S.-led coalition forces have struck Syrian government forces, thus allowing the Islamic State to advance.

An Islamic state offensive began immediately following the air bombardment of the Syrian army compound on al-Tharda Mountain in the region of Deir ez-Zor.

The Russian Ministry of Defense says that 62 Syrian soldiers were killed in the attack. Russian authorities also cite to RT News that the Obama administration’s “refusal” to coordinate efforts in Syria with Russia predicated Saturday’s bombardment.

U.S. operations in the Middle East have long been harshly criticized for this exact reason, with United States supported regime-toppling opening up the leadership and control of the Middle East to groups such as the Islamic State.

Such a course of events underlines the very existence of the Islamic State group itself, with Western meddling in Middle Eastern governmental affairs being far from helpful toward the cause of keeping radical populist groups such as ISIS from springing up.

The United States has maintained an air of non-combatant status regarding its forces deployed to Syria, although incidents such as the one just reported are far from unheard of.

Late last year, Syrian government forces reported that a U.S.-led coalition airstrike hit a Syrian army training camp, leaving three dead. Coalition leaders later denied the Syrian government’s claim.

There is not yet any statement from the United States on the incident, an incident which comes as bilateral tension also builds between Syria and Israel, with the two nations exchanging fire for days on end.