Desperately Broke Trump Campaign Brings Hitler Back from the Dead To Sell Gear (VIDEO).


How much would you pay for a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap signed by Donald Trump himself? $10? $20? Over your dead body? Try $183.

On Saturday, Mike Pence posted a video on Facebook asking supporters to donate $183 to the Trump-Pence campaign. And what do they get in return? An autographed “Make America Great Again” baseball cap from the Donald himself.

The lede to the GOP governor of Indiana’s post reads:

‘Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Contribute $183 NOW and get your signed Trump Make America Great Again Hat before they’re SOLD OUT!’

If it’s past 1 p.m. on Saturday (Pence doesn’t specify which time zone) then, sorry. You’ve missed your chance. Because once those “Make America Great Again” hats are gone, they’re gone!”

But here’s what’s really strange… The video begins with a photo of Donald Trump wearing his “Make America Great Again” baseball cap. The GOP presidential candidate squints ruggedly into the distance while making what appears to be the one-armed salute made famous by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany.

‘Your hat Trumpified. Signed Make America Great Again hat. Get yours today. $183.00.’

Hoo boy. All that Nazi saluting and hat signing might give Mein Trumpf a severe case of carpal tunnel.

But here’s the thing… The original, uncropped version of the photo from Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland reveals that he wasn’t making a Nazi salute at all. Instead, he was just pointing to something.

So why would Donald Trump’s campaign go to such great lengths? Why would they crop the photo to make the GOP candidate look like the Nazi, fascist would-be dictator he is? After all, there are other photos of Mr. Tangerine Man wearing the same cap that they could have used.

Like this…

Or this.

Perhaps it’s because these mean, white racists are the only people who might be willing to fork over $183 for a “Make America Great Again” hat autographed by this highly un-presidential candidate.

The Trump-Pence campaign needs every bit of money they can possibly squeeze out. Just three weeks ago, NBC News reported Donald Trump lags far behind Hillary Clinton when it comes to fundraising.

‘The Republican presidential candidate raised $36.6 million in July, according to newly released filings to the Federal Election Commission. But that is $16 million less than Clinton for the month.’

Furthermore, back in June, the Trump-Pence campaign was so broke, they sent out an email begging for “emergency funds” because they couldn’t even come up with the paltry $100,000 they needed to start running their TV ads.

Donald Trump’s overt bigotry (as opposed to covert bigotry) is so repellent, even many Republicans refuse to support him. And to make matters even worse, the deep-pocketed Koch brothers won’t open their wallets either.

Alas for Donald Trump, trying to “Make America Great Again” is way more expensive than he thought. Still, that fundraising video stands out as an egregiously pathetic kind of desperate.

Featured image: Mike Pence via Facebook.