Elizabeth Warren Makes Donald Trump/KKK Connection That Has EVERYONE Talking (DETAILS)


The Democratic senator from Massachusetts is no fan of Donald Trump. Elizabeth Warren has long been a detractor of the GOP nominee, calling him out on Twitter and even on the Senate floor.

Warren may have made her most thought-provoking statement against the Trump campaign yet, though, at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Ohio on Saturday. Calling Trump a “bully, a twisted bully who cant fight his own fight, who can’t win a fair fight, who will never be a president of the United States,” Warren called out Trump for the violence he promoted at his campaign rallies and his insinuations of violence against Hillary Clinton.

‘Donald Trump has repeatedly invited his supporters to commit a horrific act of violence against his opponent, against another human being. I just want you to think for a minute — what kind of a man does that.’

Warren went even further, calling out Trump for the racist rhetoric he’s used since the beginning of his campaign, rhetoric so offensive that even those in his own party are refusing to stand with their presidential candidate.

In one sentence, Senator Warren drove home the argument that should be made clear to undecided voters, those on the fence between Clinton and Trump.

‘Lets face it, Trump has more support from the Aryan Nation and the KKK than he does from the leaders of his own party.’

Warren had plenty more to use against Trump in the remainder of her speech. She hit on Trump’s ongoing investigation into the Trump University scam that bilked thousands out of their hard-earned money by making false promises and delivering nothing. She reminded her audience of Trump’s alleged business ties with Russia and his questionable relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She absolutely destroyed him over his recent dismissal of his “birther” past and the divisiveness he caused with his years-long claim that President Obama was not legitimately the president.

It was that one sentence, though, that should stand out in her speech. A voter who chooses Trump may or may not be a racist person, but they are certainly saying they aren’t bothered by racism. Whether or not that voter claims to understand why voting for Trump is a racist act, it’s fairly easy to see why The Donald has sealed the GOP’s fate as being the party of racism.

All the racists are voting Republican.

See Senator Warren’s full speech from the campaign trail in Ohio for Hillary Clinton below:


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