Jimmy Fallon Greets Hillary Clinton With A Surgical Mask During ‘The Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton’s appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is scheduled to air on Monday night, but a moment from Fallon’s greeting for Clinton during the taping was played during The Rachel Maddow Show on Friday night. Although Clinton and the audience laughed, the greeting is already drawing some criticism.

When Clinton sat down, Fallon welcomed her to the show and then donned a surgical mask and slathered hand sanitizer all over himself.

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Image screengrab via Mediaite video
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Image screengrab via Mediaite video

Clinton was clearly amused, and she and Fallon even shared a high five over the joke.

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Image screengrab via Mediaite video

The moment seemed clearly a reference to the overblown coverage of Hillary Clinton’s recent bout with pneumonia. Endless loops of her stumble as she climbed into a van leaving a 9/11 memorial event early played on cable news throughout the day. Some even pondered who would replace Clinton and counted her out of the race. Fallon’s greeting played as a laugh shared with Clinton at her detractors.

Apparently, not everyone saw it that way. The Huffington Post wrote that, after the criticism Fallon received from what was perceived as a “soft” interview with Donald Trump as Fallon played with the GOP nominee’s hair and tried to create a human moment, the surgical mask as a reference to Clinton’s health “wasn’t the best idea.”

‘The problem is the timing. Fallon’s team undoubtedly didn’t anticipate such major Trump backlash. Now, what was concocted as a funny bit mocking the overblown coverage of Clinton’s illness could easily be misinterpreted as a slight to the Democratic nominee.’

Reaction on Twitter was mean-spirited and critical, and detractors began using the moment against Clinton.

It seems The Huffington Post was correct in fearing that the moment would be seen as a dig at Hillary Clinton instead of a dig at the media.


Featured image screengrab via Mediaite video