JUST IN: Bomb Explodes In New Jersey During 5k Marathon (VIDEO)


A bomb exploded as a Marine race on the Jersey Shore Saturday morning was set to begin. The device went off in a trash can as nearly 5,000 runners stood ready to run the 5k race to benefit the military. In a scene reminiscent of the Boston Marathon bombing, a number of law enforcement agencies responded.

According an FBI spokesperson, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office will take the lead. The Jersey State Police Bomb Squad dismantled the remaining device, after police evacuated a four-block area around the explosion. No one was injured.

The Ocean County prosecutor’s office said the bomb was set to explode at 9 a.m. That was when the third annual Marine Semper Fi Race was scheduled to start. Fortunately, late sign-ins delayed it.

The most frightening aspect of this is the bomber on the loose at the Jersey Shore with a strong intent of doing harm.

Police are also investigating another suspicious device found in the shore town, according to authorities. There were two to three connected pipe bombs in the original package, but only one device went off due to a malfunction, according to police. Authorities say they can sometimes get a fingerprint off of the exploded bomb, so forensics are very important.

One of the 5k runners, Adam Carswell of Toms River, New Jersey, spoke to NBC 4 New York, saying that he saw the smoke coming from the garbage can after the bomb exploded:

‘It was a big puff of smoke, fairly large.’

Carswell said he was mad that someone may have planted the device to harm people:

‘It makes me very angry that this could happen in a sleepy little town like Seaside Park after Labor Day.’

Resident of Seaside Park, Lauren Rispoli, said that she was in bed when she heard the explosion. She said the people of her town are resilient, and the bomb will not “rattle the spirit of people in Seaside Park”:

‘I thought it might have been an explosion of some sort or a sonic boom. We will support this run again next year here or wherever they choose to do it. Even if it’s next year, we’re not afraid, we’re not going to let this stop us.’

The benefactor of this 5k charity event was The MARSOC Foundation. According to its website, the non-profit organization raises money for:

‘Active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families as well as to the families of Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our Nation.’

After the explosion, founders cancelled the race.  Check out this video: