BREAKING: Trump Just Got Caught On Tape Insulting Minimum Wage Workers To Their Faces (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is only good at three things: spreading hate, being a scam artist, and not paying his debts. It is no surprise that during a speech in Canton, Ohio, Trump announced he does not feel bad for the underpaid middle class, claiming he works harder. While Trump prides himself on hiring cheap foreign labor, not paying his workers, and having a multitude of failed businesses, some Americans that are in the very class he speaks so poorly about still choose to support this buffoon.

Donald Trump has never known the struggle of working hard, providing for your family on minimal income, and not being paid enough for your skills. Since the beginning of Trump’s career, he has piggy-backed off of daddy, using his father’s well-respected name and money to his advantage.

Not only is Trump daddy-dependent, he cuts costs by refusing to pay workers and uses money college students invest in an education to support himself. Though Trump has never had to work a day in his life, he makes a very bold jab at the underpaid middle class and states,

‘Me, I’m working harder also, so I don’t feel sorry for any of you. It’s true. You think this is easy?’

He then goes on to complain about how hot the building is and claims Hillary Clinton would never give a speech in a hot room. While hundreds are underpaid workers are sitting in front of him, in the same air conditioning he is in, the ignorance is baffling.

This same audience is full of people who go to work every day, work above and beyond, yet still can not afford to pay their rent, utilities, or provide food for their families. Those families fortunate enough to pay all of their bills are still unable to afford small luxuries such as new cars, family trips, and mini vacations.

Trump’s lack of real world knowledge and inability to put himself in other’s shoes is made very apparent by him claiming he works harder than the middle class. Trump simply needs to make a few phone calls to get himself out of debt, send an email to travel across the globe, and never has to fear for his family’s next move, yet compares his so-called struggles to the middle class.

Watch the ridiculous speech below.

Video courtesy of Daily Motion

Image Source: Flickr with a Creative Commons license