Jeb Bush Trolls Himself & Every GOP Voter During HILARIOUS Emmy Monologue (VIDEO)


In a hilarious cameo appearance at the Emmys on Sunday night, former Republican presidential candidate Jeb! posed as host Jimmy Kimmel’s driver to the award ceremony.

In the short comedy spot, titled “JEB EXCLAMATION POINT!” Jimmy Kimmel is rushing to the Emmy awards, and finds himself squeezed into the front seat with his limo driver, who turns out to be Jeb Bush. When asked, the former candidate and governor of Florida said:

‘I’m between jobs right now. Did you know that you can make $12 an hour with Uber?’

When Kimmel tells him that he needs to get downtown to the Emmy’s, Bush asks, “Are you nominated?”

When Kimmel responds yes, Bush says: “Wow, what’s that like?”

Bush asks Kimmel if he thinks he might win an Emmy, at which point Kimmel admits that the competition is fierce and he may not win. The former presidential hopeful then offers some philosophical advice to Kimmel:

‘Here’s what I know. If you run a positive campaign, the voters ultimately will make the right choice.’

Just as Kimmel seems to brighten up, Bush turns to him with a deadpan face and says:

‘That was a joke. Get out of the car!’

As Kimmel slips out of the vehicle, looking pretty downfallen, Bush then adds insult to injury and puts the boot in, referring to Kimmel’s beard:

‘And shave that wig off your face, you Godless Hollywood hippie!’

Pumping his fist, Jeb Bush peels out of the line of cars and shouts:


As the car pulls away, an old Jeb! bumper sticker is visible on the car, with the 16 crossed out and a 20 (Jeb! 2020) scribbled in instead.

You can watch the hilarious one-minute skit courtesy of the Good Morning America Twitter account.

It seems that many losing candidates for president quickly find their sense of humor after the pressure is off, making us rethink them entirely when it’s already too late. John McCain has done cameos on Parks and Recreation, and Al Gore appeared on 30 Rock as well as making an appearance on Saturday Night Live. It’s nice to see Jeb Bush taking his new career direction with good grace, and $12 an hour is well above minimum wage in the former candidate’s home state of Florida.

Featured image via screenshot