JUST IN: Clinton Vs Trump Poll Released, Results Show A VERY Solid Lead (DETAILS)


A new Minnesota poll released by the Star Tribune shows that Donald Trump has cut Hillary Clinton’s lead in half in the state. While she still has a commanding lead of six points over Trump, she was ahead of him by 13 points earlier in the year.

The results show the other candidates holding the same percentage points as they do in most other polls, with Libertarian Gary Johnson holding 6 percent of the vote and Green Party candidate Jill Stein getting 2 percent.

As usual, women are more likely to vote for Hillary over Trump. Clinton got 52 percent support from women as opposed to Trump’s 30 percent. On the flip side of the coin, the men surveyed support Trump over Clinton with 47 percent to 36 percent.

The survey also showed that while voters in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area give overwhelming support to Clinton, voters on the outskirts and more suburban areas favor Trump. Surprisingly, voters who make less than $50,000 are in support of Clinton over Trump with 47 percent to 33 percent. Clinton leads Trump by only one point, with 42 to 41 percent among voters who make over $50,000 annually.

One of the questions asked of the voters surveyed was if they would change their minds about who they were voting for. Eighty-eight percent of Clinton supporters were certain they wouldn’t change their minds while 89 percent of Trump supporters were certain the would be voting for him in November.

Voters surveyed are still having a hard time trusting either candidate. When asked who was thought to be more honest and trustworthy, 42 percent said it was Clinton, 36 percent said Trump, 16 percent claimed one of the other candidates was more trustworthy and six percent weren’t sure who they could trust at all.

The opinions of those surveyed may have been affected by the fact that it was conducted when Hillary had one of her worst weeks in the election. They were surveyed after she made her “basket of deplorables” statement and also when she kept quite about her pneumonia diagnosis and fainted after leaving a 9/11 event.

With poll results fluctuating so often, it should be interesting to see who the state will actually go for in November. Most likely, voters will keep with their usual trend and vote blue, although a lot of them will be doing so reluctantly.

Featured Image: Getty Images