Trump Live Tweets His Own Mental Breakdown After Being HUMILIATED By The NY Times


It’s no secret that Donald Trump’s rallies have been more violent than most political events.
At any crowded event, especially one one that attracts protesters, there is always a chance that someone will get violent. But, for some reason, Trump seems to encourage the violence. He has openly lamented the fact that protesters can’t be carried out on stretchers and even promised to pay the legal fees of those arrested at his rallies.

New York Times columnist, Maureen Dowd, recently confronted Trump about the violence at his rallies along with other issues within his campaign and got an interesting answer. According to her, Trump encourages the violence because it makes his event more exciting.

‘I told him that it was wrong that there was violence being incited at his rallies and that reporters were being roughed up. And he paused, you’re right, he did listen, but then he disagreed and said he thought the violence added a frisson of excitement’

She also asked Trump why he was criticizing Bill Clinton’s infidelities when he, himself, had been involved in one of the most famous infidelity stories in New York history.

‘I said how can you criticize Bill Clinton for infidelities. You’re making that part of the campaign, and maybe in the upcoming debates, when you had one of the most famous infidelity scandals in New York history. The Marla Maples “best sex I’ve ever had” New York Post headline. And he said “well I wasn’t the president.” So he always has some glib answer.’

For his part, Trump has denied Dowd’s claims. On Saturday, he took to Twitter to attack Dowd and the New York Times calling her “wacky” and the paper “failing.” He accused the journalist of making things up and said Dowd hardly knows him.

‘Wacky @NYTimesDowd, who hardly knows me, makes up things that I never said for her boring interviews and column. A neurotic dope!’

‘Crazy Maureen Dowd, the wacky columnist for the failing , pretends she knows me well–wrong!’

‘The failing has gone nuts that Crooked Hillary is doing so badly. They are willing to say anything, has become a laughingstock rag!’

Dowd’s interview with CNN can be seen below:

Featured image via screenshot.