Trump SHAMELESSLY Exploits NYC Bombing So New Yorkers TEAR Him To Shreds (RESPONSES)


Republican presidential nominee and perpetual fear stoker Donald Trump wasted no time in exploiting a Saturday night explosion in Manhattan for his own purposes- and New Yorkers were not about to let him get away with it.

Trump held a campaign rally late Saturday evening in Colorado Springs and used his remarks as an attempt to spin the explosion in New York City as a justification for his obscene policy proposals, saying that “We’ve got to get very tough.”

Trump has long made clear what he means by “tough.”

The Republican presidential candidate, for example, continues to stand by his proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the United States in what he states is an attempt to bolster national security. After all, in Trump’s world, Islam equates with terror.

Of course, Trump did not note that there is no indication whatsoever that any person with any connection to Islam had anything to do with Saturday night’s explosion in New York City.

Rather, New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio said that the blast was “intentional” but there is no evidence to connect it to any form of terrorism, Islamic or otherwise.

And no matter what Trump would have you believe, all things considered the situation in New York City Saturday night went down- and continues to de-escalate- under effectively ideal circumstances.

There were no casualties and only one serious injury, with a swift response by authorities preventing possible further explosions.

And New Yorkers on the scene or near the scene of the explosion were not about to let Trump get away with exploiting the shock to their community for his own campaign purposes, with many taking to Twitter to denounce the presidential candidate.

Teddy Goff, for example, quoted a tweet which contains a plea to not “panic and jump to conclusions,” adding his observation that while “people near the scene are calm,” the Republican presidential nominee is “panicked and stoking panic.”

The Daily Edge noted that “Trump sounds panicky in Colorado. His supporters freak out on Twitter. New Yorkers are holding it together. #NYStrong #Chelsea #NeverTrump.”

Journalist Mark Harris noted that New Yorkers on national television discussing the incident late Saturday were calmer than Trump was in his Colorado speech.

Check out a clip of Trump’s Colorado remarks below, via Buzzfeed on Twitter.

Featured Image via Johnny Louis/ Getty Images.