Trump Supporters React To His ‘Birther’ Announcement & It Is NOT Pretty (RESPONSES)


In a press conference called by Trump on Friday, the Republican nominee finally addressed the issue of the “birther” movement that he began in 2011 as a means of discrediting the legitimacy of America’s first African-American president.

At the event, which eventually turned into nothing but a long commercial for one of his hotels, Trump stated that not only did he prove that President Barack Obama was a natural born American Citizen, he then went on to accuse his rival, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, of starting the whole controversy in the first place.

A few right wing websites are supporting Trump in his new twist on the facts. Some, like The Daily Caller even claimed that MSNBC reported in 2007 that Clinton was the source of the “birther” movement that questioned the birthplace of the president. They even quote a Trump surrogate who claims that it was Trump who finally pressured the president into revealing his long form birth certificate and proving that Barack Obama is eligible for the office he’s been holding for the last eight years.

Breitbart reported the news straight, and Red State decided to back up the amateur politician on his claims that Hillary Clinton was the one who started the rumor during her 2008 primary run against the now-president.

And boy, there are some Republicans, racists, and alt-right nut jobs ticked off at their Golden Boy now for dismissing birtherism. They’re spitting venom on Twitter to the amusement of all, using the #birther hashtag.

Some even claim that President Obama himself bragged that he was born in Kenya.

Others are doubling down on their Orange Lord and Savior’s message that Hillary Clinton is to blame for the Birther moment.

Others are mad at The Donald for backing down on his original assertion that President Obama was born in Kenya, and insist on perpetuating the rumor with or without Donald Trump.

Still others are simply issuing incoherent ramblings of a fevered brain. Including this guy, who claims to be running for the House or Representatives. Of course, after Sarah Palin broke the glass ceiling for clueless amateurs to enter professional politics, we can’t be surprised.

This Twitter denizen is still backing the “fake birth certificate” horse.

It remains to be seen what the alt-right is going to do now that Trump has admitted in a very public way that Barack Obama is a natural born American citizen. Of course, there is still potential to be found in whipping his base into terror about his opponent, Hillary Clinton, who probably strikes them as frighteningly foreign as a woman.

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