BREAKING: Donald Trump Hints A Constitutional Amendment To Curb ‘Freedom Of Press’ After Bombing


Donald Trump has a history of telling his supporters that he’s discovered the cause of terrorism and that, as president, he will put his foot down and put a stop to it. So far, he and his campaign staff have blamed President Obama, Hillary Clinton, military generals, a general weakness in U.S. foreign policy, and our government’s inability to call terrorism a Muslim problem. Today, though, Trump came up with a whole new scapegoat. After three homemade bombs were discovered in New York and New Jersey and one of them exploded, injuring 29 people, Trump now blames the United States Constitution. At least, he blames the first amendment to the U.S. Constitution: freedom of the press. During a Fox & Friends interview on Monday morning, Trump told the show’s co-hosts that the problem with stopping terrorism can be placed directly on problems with allowing “freedom of the press.”

‘They’re all talking about it so wonderfully because, you know, it’s called “freedom of the press,” where you buy magazines and they tell you how to make these same bombs that I saw. They tell you how to make bombs. We should arrest the people that do that because they’re participating in crime. Instead they say “oh no you can’t do anything, that’s freedom of expression.”‘

Trump didn’t clarify if his issues extend to freedom that fiction writers have to describe crimes in their writings or to filmmakers who depict crimes in their work, either of which has the ability to inspire a consumer of their art to commit a crime in the way they saw it depicted. Trump just really wants people who write things to shut up. This isn’t, after all, Trump’s first issue with freedom of the press. In August, Trump ranted on Twitter about the constitutional amendment’s effects on his presidential campaign.

Trump also never stated what, as president, he intended to do about the issue, although he has implied in the past that “freedom of the press” was, in effect, too far-reaching and not nearly regulated enough by the government. Trump is not using any actual proof that the person or persons responsible for the recent attacks in New York and New Jersey got their information on how to create the bombs discovered from a magazine or any other print media. Numerous websites which describe methods of building bombs are also available online. Of course, Trump’s not a fan of freedom around using the internet, either. The GOP nominee suggested “closing down parts of the internet” to people in certain regions of the world back in December. Isn’t the GOP the party that touts their love of the U.S. Constitution? For Trump’s full interview with Fox & Friends, see video below:

Featured image via Getty/Mark Wilson