JUST IN: Protestor Yells ‘Hillary For Jail’ & Rushes Secret Service, Hillary Responds LIKE A CHAMP!


A recent Hillary Clinton rally saw the Democratic presidential nominee respond in a most hilariously unusual way to a protester.

The protester was a part of a meet-and-greet line at the rally, and as Clinton made her way down the line the protester shouted- to her face- “Hillary for prison!”

Clinton, however, evidently did not hear the man clearly, responding with a rousing “Let’s make it happen!”

Yes, really.

The “Hillary for Prison” catchphrase is a favorite of Trump supporters who allege that the former secretary of state deserves jail time for her usage of a private email server during her tenure.

These detractors pay no mind to the fact that Hillary has long been cleared Рand cleared over and over again Рfor her use of the private email server, with FBI Director James Comey declaring that it was nothing more than an act of irresponsibility, causing no lasting damage and requiring no further course of action.

Still, Trump supporters beat the “Hillary for Prison” drum, with their furor having reached a disturbing climax during the recent Republican National Convention when New Jersey governor and former Republican presidential primary contender, Chris Christie, led a Soviet-esque mock trial for Clinton, leading those assembled in shouting “guilty!”

Clinton has suffered a short-term drop in poll and electoral college numbers recently, a drop corresponding with a pneumonia diagnosis which was not immediately disclosed that affected the candidate to the point of her collapsing at a 9/11 memorial ceremony.
Clinton took a few days off the campaign trail following the incident at the memorial ceremony, but is now back on the trail and remains the front-runner in the race for the presidency, although her lead has shrunk. Clinton supporters hope the candidate will solidify her lead as the debates soon get underway.

Check out video of the hilarious Clinton rally incident below: