Montel Williams MOPS THE FLOOR With Trump’s Pastor During Intense Twitter Battle (TWEETS)


The Twitterverse didn’t hesitate to call out Donald Trump for making assumptions and exploiting the explosions in New York and New Jersey to call attention to his campaign over the weekend. But that’s not where it ended.

TV personality and decorated Navy officer, Montel Williams has made it clear that he is not impressed with Donald Trump, and the former Republican endorsed the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in August, announcing his choice on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.

He’s also decided to call out Pro-Trump pastor, Mark Burns, on Twitter, after the Evangelical minister praised Donald Trump for exploiting the bombing attacks. Burns is one of Trump’s few African-American surrogates, and heads the Harvest Praise & Worship Center in South Carolina.

After Burns admonished the media for refusing to preemptively announce the explosions were caused by intentionally placed bombs, such as Trump did at a Colorado rally, he then promoted Trump in a Tweet on Saturday.

‘Once again race baiting #Dems & #MSM failing to call it what it really is, #terrorism. We need@realDonaldTrump

Announcing the presence of a bomb or inferring a terrorist attack before the authorities have had an opportunity to rule out other causes is dangerous business, and shows a temperament quick to rush to judgment and more interested in stirring up panic than in solving problems. Trump has done this frequently, and has openly admitted that violence adds “excitement” to his rallies.

The pastor was simply mimicking Trump in this, and Montel Williams couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shut the reverend down. Williams responded to Burns:

‘I’ve had enough of your crap? Sit the hell down, shut the hell up and let ATF/FBI/NYPD do job’

After that, all hell broke loose. Williams had no problem telling Burns exactly what he thought of him, and a battle of Twitter-Wits ensued, with Montel Williams definitely dominating the war.

Williams also went on to imply the pastor was a fraud, addressing him as “Mark,” and refusing to call him by his honorific.

‘Damn right – @pastormarkburns is a poser and a garden variety loser’

‘Poverty pimps like Mark Burns (I refuse to call him “Pastor”) would surrogate for Hitler if money was right’

‘Precisely. Calling that man a Pastor is an insult to men and women who selflessly devote their lives to God.’

Williams then called out Burns for politicizing the bombing, and tying the need to be vigilant against terror attacks to the Trump candidacy.

‘You politicized a serious incident while law enforcement was STILL in danger – I’m a NY’er – ur not. Stay in ur lane’

The reverend received some supportive messages from his own Twitter followers, but Williams wasn’t having any of that, either, slamming them and using the #basketofdeplorables hashtag

He then digs into Burns for exploiting both his congregation and his support for the Republican nominee for money.

‘No, your “lane” is being a 1/2 bit con man pretending to be a pastor shilling Trump for ??. My resume is accurate ;)’

He then attacked Burns’s credentials, saying he wasn’t a real pastor.

He also verified his position regarding political parties — as a former Republican, Williams isn’t against Trump because he’s a Republican, he’s against him because he’s a complete fraud. Williams went on to say that he doesn’t insult Johnson supporters the way he rips into Trump voters.

‘The only people who want him are dumb racist white people. Btw you won’t EVER find me insulting Johnson supporters’

Burns attempted to tone down the vitriol in the tweet exchange and make nice, but Williams simply wasn’t interested, and called Burns a con man:

And just like his candidate, Burns pulled out the “you don’t know me” card. But then the pastor tried a little humility.

But Williams wasn’t buying the act, and schooled the pastor on grammar and doubled down.

‘You can’t “speak negative” — you can be “speaking negatively.”

I know plenty about you… we all do.’

‘Anyone else notice Trumpettes can dish it but can’t take it? I have no problem aggressively challenging bullies’

‘No, unlike guys like @pastormarkburns I won’t whore myself out and tell you what you want to hear. Truth hurts’

‘Oh please – aside from being deplorable you people are a #BasketOfImbeciles’

He then reasserted that his distaste for Trump had nothing to do with party politics, and everything to do with disgust for the racist candidate. He tells all comers that he’s supporting Clinton like many other conservatives who can’t bring themselves to punch the button for Donald Trump.

‘My principles led me to support @JohnKasich and I’m proud as hell that I did. My principles now tell me #NeverTrump’

‘No one is buying your crap mark. exhibit A – the meme — exhibit b – supporting Trump. Real unifier u are ???’

‘I support the best candidate. Of the major party candidates, Secretary Clinton is the only qualified candidate’

Even after calls to disengage by followers, Williams would not back down.

‘What I will do: keep working to b the man I want to b. I’m far from perfect.

‘What I won’t do: Endure con men like Mark Burns & Donald Trump’

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