Trump Delivers Early Christmas Gift To Liberals, Retweets Article Making Fun Of Him & Brags About It


Many “readers” of online articles are guilty of not reading the article at all. Simply reading the headline, they draw conclusions and move on. It is the No. 1 pet peeve of online journalists. It’s why journalists are expected to spend almost as much time on a headline as they do on their own article. Donald Trump is no exception to the practice of scanning a headline, making a quick judgment, and moving on. The problem is, however, he decides to retweet those articles to the millions of followers on his Twitter.

Trump took to Twitter to retweet an article that if one judged by its “cover” would seem to place him in a positive light and compliment his “prowess” for campaigning and political play. Trump retweeted The Washington Post’s article “Donald Trump’s birther event is the greatest trick he’s ever pulled,” out to his followers to share the praise on Saturday; however, he never noticed that the article actually tore him apart pretty severely.

The article even started out harsh stating, “Donald Trump is, at heart, a showman.” Perhaps someone could take that as a compliment but as a person trying to run a serious campaign for the presidency of the United States, it should not be taken as a compliment. The article went on to rip Trump a new one for a “major announcement” which was merely an attempt at walking back his past participation in the birther movement conspiracy.

‘It was a low moment for politics and political coverage. A nothing-burger filled with falsehoods covered as though it was the Super Bowl. But for Trump, it might have been his crowning achievement: All eyes on him with the chance to direct the play in whatever way he saw fit. The ringmaster — calling the shots in all three rings of the circus. It was peak Trump.’

Earth to Trump… Earth to Trump. That is not a compliment. This is not something you proudly show off on social media to the millions of followers you have acquired, especially when they are potential voters.

The piece also went on to criticize the mainstream media (MSNBC, Fox News, and CNN) for its heavy coverage which included 20 minutes of testimonials from generals.

It also drew attention to the fact that Trump received an hour and a half of live coverage for what basically amounted to him saying three sentences that were equivalent to play yard trash talk, “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. President Obama was born in the United States. Period.” To get those three sentences out, it took Trump nearly 30 minutes.

‘The most amazing thing was that it took the Republican nominee 29 minutes to deliver those three sentences. The event was slated to start at 10 a.m. Eastern time. It wasn’t until 11 a.m. that it actually began…’

The article, which is clearly a criticism of Trump (if you read it, that is), was obviously not read by Trump or whatever aide who may have retweeted it. No one with any shred of common sense would retweet this about themselves, especially when they are trying desperately to appear presidential rather than clownish.

Featured image via Joe Raedle/Getty