Trump Restaurant Busted For VERY Unsanitary Conditions, Roaches, Salmonella, & Expired Meat Found


Donald Trump doesn’t seem bothered by salmonella-laden mousse, roaches, and expired veal in the restaurants he owns. Thomas Purgatorio died from eating in the billionaire’s Castle Hotel and Casino. But if Trump is elected, he has a wicked plan to take care of that.

A couple in their 60’s, Kathleen and Thomas Purgatorio went to a restaurant in Trump’s casino, according to the AP. Completely unaware, they had “salmonella-tainted mousse” for dinner. She felt sick, but Thomas was violently ill. He walked into a hospital emergency room, but the hospital soon moved him to ICU, where he lapsed into a coma. Physicians placed him  on a ventilator.

According to the Daily Beast, his daughter Katherine Purgatorio-Howard remembered:

‘He was in critical care from October to December. We brought him home. We kept him in the living room in a hospital bed. He was in distress the whole time and then, in January, he went back to the hospital and died.’

The New Jersey Department of Health reported said the mousse made over 100 people sick over four days, in October 1989. Four plaintiffs, including Kathleen Purgatorio, later sued Trump’s Castle for “nearly $11 million,” according to the AP.

Daughter Purgatorio-Howard lamented to The Daily Beast about the bittersweet lawsuit:

‘It was six figures. But it didn’t make my father un-dead.’

Journalist and historian Rick Perlstein coined the phrase “E. coli conservatism,” which refers to conservative-legislated lax governmental regulations.

President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress majority approved a wide-ranging overhaul of the country’s national food-safety system, the largest effort in over 70 years.


  • Increased FDA inspections
  • Make food companies more accountable
  • Made it easier for the FDA to recall tainted foods
  • Demanded accountability from food companies
  • Made farming accountable.

Since then, Republicans have been pushing back hard to reduce food regulation.

Former Atlantic City Health Department official Denise Nelson said:

‘We find it highly unusual that most of our problems in Atlantic City have been associated with the Trump properties. The physical part of the [establishments] is top-of-the-line but it all boils down to extremely poor food handling.’

The DJT restaurant in the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas received a staggering 51 violations “including month-old caviar and expired yogurt” in 2012, according to another AP report. Southern Nevada Health District public records show it closed the DJT that year, and later it reopened.

According to the report by the Daily Beast, New York City Health Department records indicate that the Trump Cafe and Grill in Trump Tower:

‘Received 45 violations during an ungraded inspection in October 2015. That’s counting five “critical” violations including unapproved shellfish, a lack of appropriate “metal stem-type” thermometers to check cooking temperatures, and unsanitary wiping cloths.’

In May, another inspection found:

‘Live roaches present in [the] facility’s food and/or non-food areas” and determined that the restaurant was not “vermin proof,” meaning that there were “conditions conducive to attracting vermin to the premises and/or allowing vermin to exist.”

The CDC estimates that 380 people die of salmonella every year and 19,000 people are hospitalized. A stunning number of 3,000 Americans die every year from all foodborne illnesses.

Featured Image: IoSonoUnaFotoCamera via Flickr, Creative Commons License, minor modification.
H/T: FDA and The Daily Beast