BREAKING: Republican Hero Stuns Party, Makes VERY Unexpected 2016 Endorsement (DETAILS)


I can’t “support a party I no longer recognize,” the GOP billionaire donor Mike Fernandez wrote in a recent email. That’s why he’s decided to do the unthinkable and back Hillary Clinton. Because, seriously, what’s a Cuban immigrant and health care billionaire supposed to do when faced with the likes of Donald Trump?

The Miami Herald got hold of that email on Tuesday and reports Mike Fernandez has pledged “over” $2 million to Hillary Clinton. The investor from Coral Gables, Florida intends that money to help her campaign “focus on Latino outreach and [voter] registration in Florida.” This mover and shaker was one of former Gov. Jeb Bush’s top donors during the GOP primary, but in December, he vowed he’d back Hillary Clinton if Donald Trump became the GOP’s nominee. He then formally endorsed the former secretary of state in early September.

Mike Fernandez gave a staggering $3 million to Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise, and explained that he’s never met the Democratic candidate and disagrees with many of her policies:

‘I harbor no illusion that Hillary Clinton is perfect; none of us is. […] I do not see eye to eye on some issues with the former senator from New York.’

But strange times make for strange bedfellows. And at least Hillary Clinton isn’t a hateful bigot and proto-fascist megalomaniac who lies as easily as the rest of us breathe.

‘However, Clinton is, without doubt, a superior choice to Donald Trump.’

When push comes to shove, Mike Fernandez points out, Donald Trump is an existential threat to him and his fellow Hispanics. This gives them no choice but to dump Trump.

‘I specially call on all Latinos to reject a man who encourages violence against you.’

Referring to Donald Trump and the GOP’s staunch rejection of President Barack Obama’s renewed relations with Cuba, which many Cuban-Americans support, Mike Fernandez added:

‘This man is taking you and America down the same path of disappointment that you have lived for 60 years.’

As the Miami Herald notes, the Cuban-American billionaire has made no bones about his great loathing for Mein Trumpf:

‘Fernandez, a healthcare magnate from Coral Gables, has been fighting Trump for months, writing Miami Herald op-eds and placing several ads in several newspapers. Trump threatened to sue Fernandez over one of them but never has.’

That $2 million will easily cancel out the $100,000 he gave to the anti-Hillary Clinton group America Rising.

Mike Fernandez isn’t the only Republican who’s giving to Hillary Clinton.

Back in August, reporters began noticing that well-heeled GOP donors were fleeing Donald Trump like rats scurrying off a sinking ship and giving to Hillary Clinton instead. The chart below shows a list of candidates and how many of their supporters who gave during the primaries are giving to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump since the GOP convention.

As you might expect, those who backed “establishment” candidates like Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, and Chris Christie are now lending their support to the Democratic candidate.

Even more disturbing, the chart below shows that in past elections, GOP donors who backed losing candidates during the primaries kept giving to the winner. But not this time.

Back in August, Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business’ Mornings With Maria brought in GOP strategist Ed Rollins to talk about why all these right-wing millionaires and billionaires are jumping ship.

Rollins claims it’s all because the kind of people who have tons of money to throw around have big egos and Donald Trump doesn’t “stroke” them enough.

‘Large donors are used to being stroked. Someone who gives $2,700 expects good government, someone who gives $100,000 or more expects attention. And Trump, traditionally, has not paid much attention to them.’

He adds that “Crooked Hillary” and her campaign “have always been very, very effective at reaching out” and putting the touch on someone. Because of course, top Republicans can never admit how badly they screwed up by slathering the bitter pills of their party’s disastrous policies in a thick, gooey coating of thinly disguised racism and white entitlement.

Watch: Maria Bartiromo and Ed Rollins discuss why GOP donors prefer Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Featured image: Brooks Kraft via Getty Images (with falling money and confetti added).