JUST IN: New York Times Editor Makes MAJOR Donald Trump Announcement (DETAILS)


In a recent turn for the New York Times, they have decided to go ahead and call Trump out for what he really is — a liar. They’ve strayed from the norm of their usual vocabulary when writing articles and said they can’t continue to go about using terms that piddle around what is really being done by Donald Trump.

For a long time now, there have been several publications that have gone so far as to use the word “lie” in their journalistic pieces. It’s a very bold term, and it speaks volumes when describing someone or something, but it has become the only appropriate word to use in the case of Mr. Trump. The term hadn’t been used very heavily before in the more prominent and credible sources of news, but the times (no pun intended) are changing.

Recently, New York Times public editor Liz Spayd wrote an article titled “When to call a Lie a Lie,” and it went into detail about why the paper has decided the use that particular word when describing Trump.

‘It’s not all that often that the “Times” newsroom throws around the word “lie,” but Trump seems to bring it out in the place.’

The Times really began using the term after Trump backtracked on the birther issue that he had begun five years ago. Spayd said this about it in her article:

‘Trump’s birther moment was no frivolous dispute among sparring candidates. It was part of a five-year campaign tinged with racial overtones and dark motives. On a day when the Republican candidate backs off that claim, with a smile and a wink, I say it’s time to call a lie a lie.’

Even New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet had an issue with Trump’s birther story, and also says that the use of the term is warranted in Trump’s case.

‘The birther issue represents, well, outright lying. And he lied over a long period. It is a real word, and we will use it when warranted.’

While the term is deemed as taboo to be used by the more prominent sources, using it to describe Donald Trump and what he has to say is more that warranted in this case.

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