BREAKING: Democrats Heroically Hijack IRS Hearing To Indict Trump’s Tax Fraud (DETAILS)


In a hearing lead by conservatives to consider the impeachment of IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on Wednesday, Democrats decided to take over part of the meeting to question the Commissioner about Donald Trump’s taxes.

Even though Trump, his family and his campaign have spoken about the issue and consistently stated that he will not release them due to an audit, the Democrats are not going to let the issue go so easily.

Koskinen wasn’t at the hearing to be questioned about Trump’s taxes, but why not take the opportunity to ask the man who would know better than anyone if there was any truth to Trump’s excuses?

Leading the questioning of IRS Commissioner Koskinen was Democratic Representative Jerry Nadler. Nadler began by asking Koskinen if an audit would be a good enough reason for anyone to keep from sharing their taxes, not specifically mentioning Trump in his question. Koskinen responded that there was nothing that would prohibit a person from releasing their taxes. Nadler then asked if anyone (again, not mentioning Trump specifically) could use money donated to charity for their own personal gain. Obviously that isn’t allowed, and Koskinen assured the group of that.

When Nadler then tried to bring up the times Trump used charity money to buy a helmet signed by Tim Tebow and a portrait of himself, he was stopped by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte. Nadler was told by Goodlatte that that questioning was outside the realm of Koskinen’s expertise.

Nadler then asked if it would be an impeachable offense if any such case were brought to the attention of the IRS and then ignored by the agency.

Several other Democrats joined in the questioning, never quite referencing Trump personally, only certain questionable things he has done.

Representative Sheila Jackson asked if it was appropriate for a public foundation to give money to any political groups, alluding to the Trump and Pam Bondi scandal in which Trump had to pay a fine for his donation.

Although none of the Democrats mentioned Trump by name, it was obvious in their questioning that they were implying he’s been involved in some criminal activity under the guise of being a great and wealthy businessman.


Featured Image: Getty Images