CNN Defiantly Fact Checks Trump Spokesman Live During INSANE Argument (VIDEO)


On Tuesday, CNN’s Don Lemon and Peter Beinart made short work of Donald Trump’s once-and-forever shill Corey Lewandowski.

Alas, the febrile CNN commentator and one-time campaign chief deserved it even more than usual. Corey Lewandowski defended his former boss as usual. But he should have known Donald Trump’s latest tone-deaf attempt at “reaching out” to black people was indefensible.

The segment opened with Mein Trumpf’s Tuesday rally in rural Kenansville, N.C., where he promised his mostly-white audience:

‘We’re going to rebuild our inner cities because our African-American communities are absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever been in before. Ever. Ever. Ever.’

Wow. Worse than the days of slavery or Jim Crow? That’s saying a lot. But Donald Trump just kept on going and going and going….

‘You get no education, you get no jobs, you get shot walking down the street. They’re worse — I mean, honestly, places like Afghanistan are safer than some of our inner cities.’

Open mouth, insert foot. This speech sounds almost exactly like that utter disaster of a speech in August before a similarly white audience in Lansing, Mich. Because of course, Donald Trump’s “black outreach” isn’t really meant for black people. It’s meant for white people who want to feel good about voting for a racist like Donald Trump.

Don Lemon then turned to Corey Lewandowski and demanded, “how do you defend that, Corey, come on?” But, of course, Corey Lewandowski was ready and claimed that his idol wasn’t dissing all black communities, just black communities in Chicago.

‘Look he’s talking specifically if you think about what has taken place in Chicago and you look at the south side of Chicago.’

After the CNN host patiently explained that crime is down in most cities and Chicago’s an outlier, Corey Lewandowski lamely tried to use Baltimore as an example instead. Panelist Peter Beinart then jumped in and mercilessly mocked this lame attempt to defend the GOP White House hopeful’s statement that black communities are “absolutely in the worst shape that they’ve ever, ever, ever been in before.” But the Trump fanboy insisted that it’s “a fact.”

Then, Don Lemon interrupted to school his not-so-esteemed guest.

‘As a person of color who has lived the last fifty years in this country, things have never been better for African-Americans.’

As for Corey Lewandowski’s totally-not-racist claim that his ex-boss is not a racist because he’s got African-Americans working for him, Don Lemon demanded:

‘Then why doesn’t he ask those African-American friends why the words he uses are so insulting?” Lemon asked. “Because I’m sure they would tell him, if they were indeed his friends., if they were indeed employees who weren’t afraid of him, of losing their jobs.’

Seriously, there’s no way Donald Trump could actually be relating to his black staffers on even remotely equal terms and still have no clue about how offensive his statements are.

‘They would sit down and say, “listen, Mr. Trump, what you’re saying is insulting, and I know you’re not talking to me, you’re talking at me. And I know that you’re not actually reaching out to me, you’re reaching out to make other people more comfortable with voting for you.” That’s what I would say to him as someone who has given him a chance and has interviewed him more than eight or nine times.’

Ouch. But wait. Don Lemon’s not done with Corey Lewandowski yet.

‘And if he, as a candidate for president of the United States, doesn’t understand that, then he doesn’t want to represent all of the people in this country.’

CNN’s Don Lemon thrashes Corey Lewandowski over his defense of Donald Trump’s ‘Black outreach.’

Featured image:  Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images (with Photoshop filter applied).