Fox News Panel Erupts Into INSANE Shouting Match During Charlotte Protest Coverage (VIDEO)


With Charlotte, North Carolina, engulfed on Wednesday night in a second night of violent protests over the latest high-profile police killing of an African-American, the conflict between those who support the protesters and those who oppose their supposed selective concern played out on a live Fox News broadcast Wednesday night.

African-American Fox News contributor and “black conservative” Kevin Jackson battled it out with liberal talk radio host and activist Richard Fowler, with their respective viewpoints on the matter falling as you might expect.

The conservative Jackson asserted that the protesters responding in force to the Tuesday shooting death of 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott are “race pimps” only acting to exploit the situation.

The left-leaning Fowler, on the other hand, argued that you have to be either “blind” or a “self -hating black person” to not see the legitimacy behind the actions of those who have taken to the streets.

The conflict in views between the two men, hosted on a segment anchored by Megyn Kelly, ended up playing out quite intensely.

After a round of shouting died down, Jackson declared that he wished there had been a “cop in the studio” to “blow [his] brains out” while Fowler was speaking — or, at least trying to speak — because of the “bunch of nonsense” that Fowler was supposedly spewing.

The justification for the disturbing police shooting reference never came from Jackson.

What did come, however, was the regular Fox contributor launching into a diatribe justifying the institutionalized bias against African-Americans on the part of American police. Jackson claimed, for example, that more blacks died at the hands of police because blacks commit more crime.

Jackson, however, is the one spouting nonsense, because statistics on the race of perpetrators of violent crime in the United States released by the United States Department of Justice in 2015 show that blacks make up a percent of offenders roughly proportionate to their percent of the general population.

African-Americans are, however, murdered by American police at a rate two times that which would be proportionate to their share of the general population.

The segment never got any better or more level-headed, with Jackson declaring that people were “down there partying” because of the “left’s narrative.”

Fowler, for his part, reminded viewers that “you can’t look at things like [Charlotte] in a vacuum” and simply blame the left through some perverted twist of logic.

Watch the segment below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the Video.