Fox News Reporter Gets Blasted LIVE In Front Of America: ‘Fabricated Fu*king Story!’ (VIDEO)


Violent and potentially fatal protesting erupted tonight in Charlotte, North Carolina, after the fatal police shooting of a black man. During the protest, shots rang out, injuring one victim who is currently on life support and another who suffered less serious injuries.

Black men and women are crying out tonight in anger as police are using tear gas, rubber bullets, and mace to quell the uprising. One woman let her feelings be known live on Fox News during The Megyn Kelly Show. The crowd not only expressed their anger and distrust with the police but with the media also.

Fox News’ Steve Harrigan was live in Charlotte and was confronted by a protester who walked up and yelled, “Black people get shot every day, right? It’s OK for that, right?”

During the live interview, when asked why she was there despite the breakout of violence, she responded angrily that she was there because she was black, and she could be shot walking out of her home.

‘Because, I serve a purpose, sir. I service a purpose. My father serves a purpose. My brother serves a purse. I’m HERE. Because guess what? Whether I’m here, I’m in school, I’m in my car… I could be at work, at school, at my car… I could still get shot by the police. I could get shot anywhere.’

When asked if they knew for sure police were responsible for the shooting of the protester, she went on to express on live TV:

‘Oh, you want it on video, so you can put it on the news… that’s what you are trying to find out. And we got a video [garbled] so you can make a fucking fabricated story.’

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