Harry Reid: Donald Trump Is A Fraud Incapable Of Making Money Honestly


The Senate’s feisty Minority Leader Harry Reid loves getting under Donald Trump’s skin. This time, Reid laid into the billionaire’s taxes. He says the reason Trump won’t release his taxes proves he is a fraud, that he is “incapable of making money honestly.”

This isn’t the first time that the Nevada senator came down on a presidential candidate’s taxes. He said he knew Mitt Romney [2012 election against President Obama] didn’t pay his taxes for 10 years. That turned out to be false, but Reid never apologized.

Tuesday, Reid’s comments about Trump’s taxes sound like deja vu. The senator said he knew that the reason the GOP candidate would not release his taxes is that they show Trump is far from a $10 billionaire.

Trump and Reid have been sparring for quite a while. After Reid had an accident while exercising, the real estate mogul quipped:

‘Harry Reid? I think he should go back and start working out again with his rubber work-out pieces.’

When a piece of equipment failed, Reid crashed into a cabinet. The accident resulted in broken ribs and broken bones in his face. After multiple surgeries, Reid is still blind in one eye and walks with a cane:

‘In a statement, Reid said the billionaire “can make fun of the injury that crushed the side of my face and took the sight in my right eye all he wants – I’ve dealt with tougher opponents than him.’

He said he might not be able to see with one eye, but his good eye shows him “Trump is a man who inherited his money and spent his entire life pretending like he earned it:”

‘In Searchlight [Nevada, Reid’s Home Town], we learned a thing or two about hard work that Trump may not have learned at his boarding school.’

Calling on a mountain of evidence, Reid said:

‘Donald Trump is a fraud. That is why Donald Trump won’t release his tax returns. That is certainly one of the reasons, of course. He is not worth nearly as much as he claims to be.’

Trump has claimed he won’t release his returns, because the IRS is auditing them. Even after the IRS gave him the okay to release them, Trump declined. Donald Trump Jr. gave another reason his father wouldn’t release them. He said that doing so would “detract from [his father’s] message.”

So how much is Trump really worth? Not $10 billion, most experts say. But the real estate mogul’s true worth is still a mystery.

The most powerful Democrat in the nation is more than likely fishing for anything he can find to discount Donald Trump. Reid is of the school that when a person hides something, there is something to hide, and it would hurt Trump.

Some of Reid’s ideas about Trump’s finances include that he donates little to none of his own money to charity. The billionaire is up to his neck in debt to shady foreign entities. Maybe, Trump hasn’t paid his taxes.

So far, he hasn’t baited Trump into revealing something he doesn’t want known. Even so, Reid has placed doubt around the GOP candidate’s true wealth and actual business acumen. These are two ideas are the cornerstone of the Trump campaign:

‘He wants everyone to think he’s this big, rich, rich man… Simply put, Trump is faking his net worth because he doesn’t want us to know that he’s not a good businessman.’

Trump is a giant Four Pinocchios, when it comes to facts. So far, approximately 65 percent of everything he says is wrong, really wrong, according to the Washington Post’s fact checkers.

The senator shrugs off any criticism of his moves. In a race that is so different from any other in history, Reid leans back. He  came down on Romney’s taxes, and his defense is:

‘Romney didn’t win, did he?’

Touche, Reid. Touche.

Watch Reid in action in this video:

Featured Image: Senator Harry Reid‘s Twitter Page.
H/T: C-SPAN and Washington Post.