JUST IN: Days After Endorsement, Police Union Turns Against Donald Trump


Although the Fraternal Order of Police endorsed the Republican candidate, Donald Trump last week, Jim Pasco, the Order’s executive director, issued a scathing statement regarding the candidate’s choice of words recently regarding another police shooting of an unarmed black man.

On Wednesday, in another desperate ploy to entice African-American voters to his cause, Trump publicly questioned the police officer implicated in the Tuesday shooting of  and suggested that the officer’s lack of experience was to blame.

Crutcher was shot and killed by Tulsa police officer, Betty Shelby, on Tuesday. The GOP candidate said Wednesday that he was “very, very troubled” by Cutcher’s death and speculated on the cause during a visit to a black church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

‘Now, did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened? But maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can’t be doing what they’re doing, okay? They can’t be doing what they’re doing.

‘I watched the shooting in particular in Tulsa. And that man was hands up. That man went to the car, hands up, put his hand on the car. I mean, to me, it looked like he did everything you’re supposed to do, and he looked like a really good man.’

In the past, Trump has shown complete support for police in similar conflicts between police officers and black Americans. This has made the GOP party head a favorite with police officers. The Fraternal Order of Police has 330,000 members from all over the country, and the Order’s endorsement of Donald Trump was based on the member’s votes at state chapter levels.

‘According to POLITICO, although the endorsement has not been rescinded, Pasco stated that Trump needs to be aware of proper procedures before criticizing a police officer.

‘He [Trump] must be mindful of the due process rights and presumption of innocence accorded to all, including police officers.’

In contrast with Donald Trump, and with the usual Republican hypocrisy, his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, went on Fox News to lambaste his rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton, for speaking out about the shooting before the investigation. Conway told Fox:

‘It’s just unbelievable that she would do that before we even know the facts, the details. I think that’s an overpoliticization of a situation where we don’t know the facts.’

Despite the cluelessness of his campaign manager, it certainly comes to something when even a self-involved narcissist like Donald Trump can see something is wrong with police behavior.

You can watch the video of Donald Trump questioning the police on Wednesday.


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