JUST IN: Speaker Introducing Donald Trump Says ‘ NI**ER’, Crowd Stunned (VIDEO)


Donald Trump has been desperately trying to improve his chances with African-American voters, and to do so, he’s been seen speaking at a number of black churches, particularly in urban areas like Detroit and Flint, Michigan. At an event in Cleveland, Ohio, on Wednesday, an importable battleground state, things got a little awkward when the Republican nominee was introduced by boxing promoter, Don King.

Don King has been a fan of the GOP nominee, and has frequently been heard to extol his virtues. But things got weird when the flamboyant promoter let the rhetoric run away with him, and caused him to inadvertently, and inappropriately, drop an n-bomb during his introduction.

King was speaking about the need for entrepreneurship in the African-American community and talked about speaking with the late Michael Jackson about it. King recounted the tale, saying:

‘I told Michael Jackson, I said if you’re poor, you’re a poor Negro– I won’t use the n-word.

‘But if you’re rich, you’re a rich Negro.

‘If you’re intelligent and intellectual, you’re an intelligent and intellectual Negro.”

‘If you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n*gger– I mean Negro…

Trump and the audience burst into laughter at King’s slip.

‘You’re a dancing and sliding and gliding Negro.

‘So they’re not alienatin’, because you can not assimilate. You’re going to be a Negro until you die.’

In response to King’s slip, Donald Trump said:

‘Ah, there’s only one Don King, only one Don.’

During his introduction, King said:

‘America needs Donald Trump. We need Donald Trump, especially black people.

‘Because you need to understand, my black brothers and sisters, they told me, “You gotta try to emulate and imitate the white man and then you can be successful.’

King went on to blame the system for the obstacles that black Americans have had reaching success and financial stability, as well as equality in the U.S. And although the boxing promoter has a point, he also suggested that Donald Trump be viewed differently than other candidates for office:

‘You don’t vet him like you would do a politician.’

King then flat-out lied to the audience, saying that Trump “took nothing and made something,” when informed voters know that Donald Trump inherited a fortune from his father and since then has barely been able to make gains on the capital.

King has spoken out about Donald Trump before, speaking with The Young Turks at the Republican National Convention.

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