Michelle Obama Goes On Colbert & Proceeds To Humiliate Melania Trump LIKE A CHAMP (VIDEO)


The elegant FLOTUS Michelle Obama visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert this week and she minced no words. She has absolutely “no sympathy” for the third wife of Donald Trump, Melania.

Mrs. Obama is every bit as brilliant as her husband, and she does it in high heels dancing backward. The two share a sly wit that slips out, especially around Colbert. On this visit, she hung with Colbert in the blanket fort. He asked:

‘Hey, Michelle, do you think fruits and vegetables have feelings?’

With perfect comedic timing, she played along:

‘Gosh, I hope not, I eat way too many of them.’

Colbert and writers are genius. After she handed him a carrot, he said:

‘When you eat too many carrots you turn orange. [and] if you turn really orange, you have to start saying crazy things and run for president.’

People assume that the joke about Trump being orange is just that, a joke. But he really is orange in person, which would make him the first of his species to run for president.

When the first lady was out campaigning for Hillary Clinton, she called out Trump for perpetuating the birther conspiracy about her husband for over half a decade. Then, someone told the GOP candidate to “finish” the controversy, so Trump did, “period.”

Michelle Obama told the audience how the president dealt with the conspiracy theory that Trump rode into the political realm. First, President Obama released his long-form birth certificate, she said. Then, she used a line from her memorable Democratic National Convention [DNC] speech in July:

‘When they go low, we go high.’

Colbert, never one to shy away from the controversial, asked Mrs. Obama how she felt about Melania Trump claiming parts of the first lady’s 2012 Democratic National Convention speech as her own for the Republican National Convention [RNC] in July. He also asked if she had any “sympathy” for political spouses who stand by their mates, no matter what.

Direct as ever, the first lady fired back:

‘No, not really.’

She went on to say she could not support her husband’s run for president if she didn’t believe in him:

‘So I stand there proudly, and I hope they are, too, standing with their spouses proudly. So no sympathy.’

Colbert expressed some “sympathy” for Melania Trump, but that didn’t stop him from doing a fine parody of the billionaire’s wife’s speech. He asked Mrs. Obama whether she felt for her at all. Her wicked smile told it all:

‘Yeah, that was tough.’

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