Seinfeld Star Makes AWESOME Anti-Trump Skittles Comeback Meme, Internet ERUPTS


Donald Trump, Jr. made headlines over the past week when he posted a ridiculous tweet that compared Syrian refugees to Skittles. The internet went wild with memes countering his tweet, but one in particular was just posted and it is the best so far.

Of course, Trumps followers are more than supportive of his Skittles tweet. For some strange reason they believe anyone coming from outside the U.S. is a potential terrorist. Maybe this tweet could explain why:

They’re being fed lies, and they will believe anything they hear. No matter how many truth bombs they’re hit with, they’re sticking to what they believe.

Not every refugee is out to get us, but they don’t believe that. They still don’t want people coming in.

Someone had to come back at them with some sense, and it can be found below.

David Mandel, whose Twitter credits read “Executive Producer Veep Season 5 Writer of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld and SNL” has an even better analogy for Trump in a new meme he’s posted.

The meme is hilarious, but it’s also genius how he points out almost every one of Trump’s ridiculous, racist, bigoted talking points and compares them the different colored skittles.

The image does say it all. Everything anyone against Trump has wanted to say in one simple meme.

The rainbow probably tastes bitter to the Trumps now.

Featured Image: Getty Images