Tomi Lahren: Biggest Victims Of Police Violence Are White People (VIDEO)


Like most people who earn their money by saying shocking things, such as Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, Tomi Lahren is a despicable human being who thinks racism is an excellent tool to use to get attention and build a following. Her endless whitesplaining on the Black Lives Matter movement has driven that point home more than any other issue she attempts to tackle on Glenn Beck’s web series, The Blaze.

It wasn’t enough that Lahren referred to Black Lives Matter as “the new KKK,” or that she blamed President Obama for the shooting of Dallas police officers. Lahren decided she would take the latest incident of the police shooting of an unarmed black citizen and make the real story the suffering of white folks who think like her.

First, she had to complete the whitesplaining portion of the show.

‘This is a tragedy, no doubt about it — the footage doesn’t look good. That’s why there will be a full investigation by the Justice Department and Tulsa PD. That’s how this thing works. If it wasn’t justified, it will be prosecuted in that manner. Welcome to the United States, a nation where law, order and justice are respected. In many other countries, that wouldn’t happen. It would be “tough luck, too bad.”‘

Tomi Lahren doesn’t seem to get the point that it is clear — that “justice” is not respected in cases where black citizens are shot by police, which is the reason for the instant outcries for unbiased investigations and the need for a movement to hold police accountable for their actions. She doesn’t seem to understand that accountability, historically, has happened far too infrequently when police are called out for killing black citizens. She doesn’t get that in this country, the United States, it has been “tough luck, too bad” for far too long.

What she really finds important about this whole story, however, is the way she and others who think like her are being treated on Twitter. That’s the real injustice here.

‘It’s really disturbing how quickly the social media Black Lives Matter “activists” jump on these tragedies to taunt anyone who has a general support and respect for law enforcement. It’s like chumming the water for some of these “activists.” All of a sudden, they’re able to hide behind a hashtag and a loss of life, but use the most despicable and horrific language directed at anyone and everyone not on the BLM bandwagon.’

This is what Tomi Lahren finds “disturbing” about this incident, an incident that even she agrees appears to be “tragic” and unjustified. Ignoring that this is an incident that people of color have seen repeated for centuries with little to point to in the way of justice, Lahren singles out this incident as disturbing…because of what it’s doing to her Twitter feed.

See the full video below:

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