Trump Supporters Reacting To Fake News Is Today’s Most Watched Internet Video


In a telling reveal of the nature of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the businessman turned presidential contender’s supporters make exceptional subjects for late night comedian’s talk shows.

Tuesday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was no different, with the host dedicating the latest installment of his “Lie Witness News” segment to discussing with admitted Trump supporters their candidate’s tax returns as if he had, in fact, released them – although he hasn’t and makes no indication of doing so anytime soon.

The items that Kimmel’s surrogate discussed with these Trump fans were outlandish – but not outlandish enough to keep these supporters of the Republican presidential candidate from assuming that the “reporter” discussing Trump’s tax returns with them was, in fact, telling the truth.

She wasn’t telling the truth, thus leaving a disturbing picture of the mindset of Trump supporters that are evidently willing to accept ridiculously outlandish things as all on par for the presidential candidate.

Kimmel introduced the segment by explaining that although Donald Trump had partially justified keeping his tax returns hidden by saying that “nobody cares about them,” Kimmel thinks that people do actually care about them.

He began, saying:

‘Donald Trump, as you know, has yet to release his financial information, even though traditionally, that’s what candidates do. Even his running mate Mike Pence has released his tax returns, but Trump has not and claims he’s being audited… and he also says that people don’t care about his taxes.’

Kimmel, however, told his audience that he had earlier that day set out to prove the candidate wrong by interviewing Trump supporters on the street and gauging their concern for his tax returns as if he had, in fact, released them.

The “totally specific questions about these totally fictional tax returns” brought out the most bullishly submissive personality aspects in the Trump supporters featured in the segment, since, after all, if their candidate actually had done all the outrageous things suggested to them, they seemingly would barely bat an eye.

The segment went from a man who justified Trump’s fictional writing off of his marriages as “entertainment” to the man who thought breast pumps were for increasing breast size – yet supporters still justified Trump’s fictional write-off of thousands upon thousands dollars in their name.

Check out the rest of the disturbingly funny segment below.

Featured Image is via Screenshot from the video