Trump’s African-American Town Hall Exposed As Fraud, There Are No Black People! (DETAILS)


Something is missing from the Donald Trump African-American Concerns town hall at an African-American church in Cleveland, Ohio, airing Wednesday night. It is theater of the absurd for the [Sean] “Hannity Town Hall,” in a state where Trump and Hillary Clinton are running nose-to-nose.

Republicans lost the ever important swing state when Mitt Romney lost his bid for president in 2012. Now, Trump is pulling out all the stops to recapture Ohio. At first, it looks as if the GOP candidate is trying to make inroads into the black votes. But, Trump is actually targeting suburban Republican woman who feel torn between two candidates they dislike.

The one-hour show at Reverend Darrell Scott’s church will feature Trump doing his best to look non-racist. The billionaire plans to take questions from audience members, guests, Reverend Scott, and local radio host Reverend C.L. Bryant.

Some of the other guests who appear at the town hall include Trump campaign adviser and ordained Baptist minister Omarosa Mangault, former neurosurgeon and presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson and wife Candy, and boxing promoter Don King.

It is late in the game for Trump to try to woo black voters, but his six-week strategy comes at a time of unrest in African-American communities. Police involved shootings of allegedly unarmed black men have fueled both the peaceful protests in Tulsa, Oklahoma and violent demonstrations in Charlotte, North Carolina appear to shape the narrative.

Cleveland native Brandon English was at the Trump town hall and tweeted his thoughts about the event. English is a Democrat and the former Digital Director/Deputy Executive Director and self-described Bearfight Manager at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

English captured a photo of some of those who planned to attend the town hall meeting. So, what is missing in this picture? Did English just capture the wrong slice of the audience?

The broader photo shows what is glaringly obvious. Where in the hell are all of the members of the black community?

The location of the Donald Trump/Sean Hannity town hall is Cleveland Heights. From the audience, it might seem like the GOP candidate is once again performing in an all-white suburb. But this church is surrounded with a community that is nearly divided between black, 42 percent, and Caucasian, 45 percent.

Clearly, Trump is reaching for the white voters who need to know that he is not a heavily bigoted racist. Unfortunately for him, these voters and black voters and brown voters are far more intelligent than him.

Featured Image: Brandon English‘s Twitter page.

H/T: Fox News “Hannity Town Hall” and Brandon English’s Twitter page.